Thursday, August 13

Dishes . . .

I went to TJMaxx the day before yesterday and found some dishes (yeah me! :-)) LOL I was/am excited because for those of you that read my blog last year (before I deleted everything) you will remember that I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs - Cherry Hill Cottage to turn dishes and cups and glass cheese tops into treasures.

I made one for my dear friend Patti:

One for my Mom:

And one for me:

Mine ended up getting broken a few days later by the boston terrier - Olive that stayed with us for 3 months. I didn't even get mad at her because dogs will be dogs and things happen. I was sad however because the plate I used was a retired Mary Engelbreit plate that is very, very, very hard to replace. Once I saw one on ebay months back and I tried buying it but when it went over $30, I backed off and let the other bidder have it. I do have my limits. :-O

So my cup and my glass lid have sat gathering dust for many months now.
Until yesterday! I found my replacement plate for $2.99 plus 2 more dishes to play with. Now Ted (my partner in crime and my glue man) says we should find a square glass lid. What do you think?

(This is the one that Ted thinks needs a square lid, I kind of like it just plain. It will look darling with some goodies on it during the holidays. And I just adore polka dots! :-))


  1. Cute dishes, Jackie. I may have to dig out my cheese glass cover and create a new treasure. Thanks for posting those photos. Hugs, Sandy

  2. These are beautiful!! I'm going to be on the lookout now for some plates and mugs to use like this!

  3. Thanks Reeni! :-)

    I forgot to mention we use a glue by 3M.
    And don't put your glued dishes in the dishwasher or in a sudsy sink. Just hand wipe clean.