Sunday, August 9


I am puttering around on a Sunday morning while drinking a pot of tea in my "Emma" Mother cup. And not just any ol' tea but Starbucks JOY tea. I love, love, love JOY Tazo tea. Mmm...

Puttering is what my mother always called it and I am not sure if my Grandma called it that. Hmm... I don't even know if its a Texas term or maybe my mom just made it up one day. But it's what I do. When someone calls and asks me what I am doing my usual reply is, "Nothing. I'm not doing a thing." When in all actuality I am puttering.

Puttering is moving things around... "Does this look better here or there?" It's very relaxing moving things around and changing things up a bit. "Oh I see a bit of dust, I better wipe it off." That's pretty much how anything gets dusted is when I am puttering. Puttering usually happens in the kitchen, dining and upper living room. Rarely will I putter anywhere else. I think because my cutest things are in those 3 rooms. I am a collector.... and I like to putter around w/ my cute stuff. I adore my Susan Branch cookbooks and will move them around surrounding them with cute things. Everything gets surrounded by something Mary Engelbreit. And now with my devotion to Emma Bridgewater pottery... I am moving things around w/ Emma.

I am also trying to move Daisy from my dining room table to somewhere else. I have never ever ever in my whole life allowed a cat to eat or even linger for an instant on a table or counter top. So the fact I allowed Daisy as a kitten to eat on the dining room table is . . . . well I am going to call it a lapse in judgement from my grief over Chloe. And now I must move her! I want my table back! And after I puttered w/ my dining room table... there she was looking at me meowing her adorable cute little mews... she sounds like a baby cow... "moooooew" Sigh. So I put her bowl back on the table. Darn! I have got to move her. It's almost fall and everyone knows my fall decorating cannot have Daisy and her dinner bowl front and center. Sigh. Besides the fact she will be trying to get into all the "goodies" that I make for our annual fall party the night before.

Now I am going to end this post... and go back to my trying to get the hubster to go to an arts & crafts festival this afternoon. Wish me luck! :-)


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