Tuesday, August 25

What I made for dinner . . .

This past weekend we went to Trader Joes.
I picked up a package of beans that was
Trader Joes 17 bean & barley soup mix.

On the back of the package it gave a recipe.
Adding vegetable broth & veggies etc...
I decided to give it a whirl.

I think the key was sautéing the veggies
(onions, bell pepper, carrots)
in olive oil w/ spices before adding to the beans
that had soaked over night.
I also detoured from the recipe
and added corn and much more canned tomatoes
than it called for.
And with all the italian seasonings
it gave the flavor of minestroni
minus the meat and pasta.

The total cost of the soup was around $5
and it made a HUGE pot full.
We all had seconds,
and Chris went back several hours later
and ate more, plus he took a container
to work with him today.
Which is amazing because if you say
something is vegan he will turn his nose
up and not even try it.

I put up some for the daughter.
She will be excited there is something
vegan for her to eat.
When I told her about it on the phone
she excitedly said, "Are you vegetarian now?"

She is back in Washington safe and sound.
She had a fun time in California working
the animal rights booth.
Now she wants to head to Virginia
and be an intern for PETA.
Her daddy is not happy.
But it's her life.
We can't live our lives for our parents.
We have to live it for ourselves.


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  1. The soup sounds good! I can't believe your daughter would want to move that far away from home. I remember way back when we had an opportunity to live in Europe and there was no way I would do it. Yes, we would be filthy rich right now, lol, but I just couldn't move that far from home! lol Looking back, we probably should have done it! Do they not have a PETA place closer than Virginia?