Wednesday, September 9


Any excuse for me to go shopping on the
Emma Bridgewater website is a good one! :-)

Her husband came out with a 2010 calendar.
His drawings are delightful!!!
So I ordered 2, one for me & one for a gift. :-)

Of course the fun didn't stop there.
I might as well make good use of the overseas shipping.
So I ordered a new holiday mug, tea towels, egg cups
and a birds advent calendar.

I adore everything Emma!

I am replacing all my Longaberger pottery
which is now all made in China (use to be USA)
to Emma (sigh) which is all made in England! :-)

I am giving all my ivory Longaberger pottery
to my mother
& all my colored pieces to my daughter.


  1. Are you tired of your LB dishes? I don't get the baskets anymore, but need more of the pottery!
    Lucky Mom and daughter!

  2. Um ... I just love Emma and I don't have room for both. Soooooooo I had to choose. Whenever I get new things I toss old things. Like giving tons of books over the last several months because I got the Kindle which has been the best cleaning house gadget ever! I am only saving Jan Karon, Debbie Macomber, Rosamunde Pilcher and my Anne Rice and just a few other special books.

  3. Hi Jackie, I represent The Longaberger Company and wanted to let you know we do have a line of American-made pottery. I understand if you don't have room for both, but thought you might want to check it out. Made in America is important to Longaberger and we hope to bring other Woven Traditions pieces back soon. Additionally, our beverage ware and flatware are also made in the USA (and of course our baskets). Here's a link:

  4. That is wonderful Karen! :-) Hopefully some day it will all go back to being made in good ol' the USA. I have been buying Longaberger since 1999. So you can imagine my collection is extensive! :-)