Wednesday, October 28


who dem dogs?
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How cute is this???

No its none of my crew... I saw this on :-)

Monday, October 26

Are you ready?

We are ready for 200 trick or treaters.
We give out full size candy.
The top basket treat bags are for the
first trick or treaters of the evening,
usually the little ones. It has candy, pencils,
erasers, spider rings & a mummy,
If we get more, we have back up
bowls of fun size candy bars.

~5 days to go!~

Thursday, October 1


I adore, I mean adore Posy's Blog....
She crochets, has 2 persian cats, lives in England & loves Cath Kidston.
What's not to love right?

She remodeled her bathroom recently...
I loved the polka dot shower curtain she bought so much
that it inspired me to change my bathroom.
(I wanted to add wallpaper too, but Ted & the Kauffman
freaked out when I mentioned it. Men Schmen!)

Before my guest/hall bathroom was Marjolein Bastin.
I had birds & birdhouses border, a feather nature type shower curtain w/ bird pictures. It was all kind of natural cutesy. It had been that way for 9 years. (My mom loved it, so she can have all the pictures, etc...)

(still wrinkly from the packaging)

So I ordered the same polka dot shower curtain all the way from Merry Ol' England... actually I ordered 2. I am saving 1 for when the adult kids move out. Anywho.... the Kauffman stripped off my border for me and painted everything bright white and I went to Target to buy a white rod (it was wooden brown before - yuck!) where to my surprise I found a wonderful striped shower curtain to go with it and a bath mat and a stack of washcloths. Once I add some pictures and decide what towel racks to add (I got rid of those too - wooden brown ones - yuck!) I will go get the adorable striped & polka dot towels to match.

I had the LOVE letters in my hall, which matched nothing but I loved them so much, which came from another favorite blog, so I moved them into the bathroom too. I love it. :-) I sure love polka dots! :-)

I went ahead and bought a stack of washcloths, but just too look cute... the kids better not use them. They can use the plain white ones in the linen closet. LOL!

I can't wait until I have everything and the bathroom will look complete.

Fall Munch Mix


A little of this,
a little of that.
A fall munch mix.

I used:
maple & brown sugar life cereal
a type of shredded wheat
candy corn mix
chocolate chips