Monday, October 26

Are you ready?

We are ready for 200 trick or treaters.
We give out full size candy.
The top basket treat bags are for the
first trick or treaters of the evening,
usually the little ones. It has candy, pencils,
erasers, spider rings & a mummy,
If we get more, we have back up
bowls of fun size candy bars.

~5 days to go!~


  1. Hey Jackie!

    Too bad you live too far away! I would send my kids to your house! lol We live way out in the country. There are no treats to be given out as no one comes here. I don't take them out anymore because it is just such a hastle. Plus we have to worry about the trickers who cut down trees on our road and I wouldn't be able to get back home! lol I just buy my kids some candy that I know they will like!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Jackie, I won't have anywhere near lucky to have 10-20. Those baskets with the spider napkins or cloths are so cute. No, I'm not ready...have candy to buy and two pumpkins to carve.