Monday, November 9

D Day for Mom

Tomorrow is D day for my mom!
Her Lumpectomy surgery.
Please, lets all wish for all the cancer
to be removed & that the follow up
Chemo & Radiation treatments
will go smoothly.

She already has a wig picked out,
and has been collecting up hats & scarves.

As Patti says, "That's MarySue." ❥


  1. Jackie, how did it go for your Mom today? I was thinking about her, and you too.....your Mom is so pretty, I've always thought she has such a nice smile. I think her attitude is great! They say that's most of the battle right there.
    Did I tell you my friend Patti has breast cancer? She just had a double mastectomy Oct. 2, but she's going to be OK :-) she's gotten a good report from her doctors!
    Love you gals. LMK how things went!

  2. Hey again,

    glad everything went ok....hope she rests up....

    we never did figure out what made muttley sick...he's always eating stuff he's not supposed to, so hopefully it was just that and nothing else, he seems to do it every couple of weeks tho....


  3. Your mom is a lovely lady. What a gorgeous smile! I am wishing that her treatments go smoothly. Take care of each other. Love, Sandy