Saturday, November 28

Favorite Christmas Movies

I love, love, love movies, especially Christmas ones.
From the week of Thanksgiving through January 1st
I just adore to watch Christmas movies.
We have personal favorites that we watch over and over again.

Ted's most favorite is The Santa Clause w/ Tim Allen.
He watches it a lot!

~ My 10 Top ~

Deck The Halls
(I love the neighbor competition. I am watching the
same thing
in real life a few blocks over.)
Christmas with the Kranks
(When I first saw this, I was like Eh is a'ight.
But since I have seen it numerous times

now & I love it! WE WANT FROSTY! LOL!)

Home Alone
(The music, the cast, the antics, the lonely neighbor guy. Love it!)
A Christmas Story
(I love everything about this movie EXCEPT
the little kid oinking is way
through the mash potatoes. So gross!)
The Family Man
(This movie makes me want to cry.
I love everything about it. The kids, the singing
to his wife,
the friends & family, his job, his house.)
(I love, love, love this movie!
Buddy's 4 main food groups:
candy, candy canes, candy corn & syrup.)

Christmas Vacation
(Cousin Eddie, the squirrel, the horrible uncle
& his stoagies, the uppity neighbors - I
The Santa Clause
(I think I could recite it in my sleep see above on Teds favorite.)
Sleepless in Seattle
(Most consider this not a Christmas movie, but I do.
It starts with Christmas & ends with
Valentine's Day.)
Jingle All the Way
(The Terminator searching for the most wanted
Christmas Toy. Classic!)

Most would people pick
the movie about the guy
who wants to commit suicide
and the angel Clarence shows up
and shows him what his life would
be like if he never existed
and at the end of the movie,
"Whenever a bell rings,
an Angel gets its wings."
I can't remember the name...
anyway... Its NOT my favorite.
I don't know why.
I just am not fond of it.

I am also not a big fan of Christmas Carols.
I think there is a new version almost every year.
They are cute and amusing
but definitely not a favorite.

There are also the cartoons,
Ted loves the one with the dentist elf
and the land of misfit toys.
I can't think of the name of that one either.
But definitely not a favorite.

I'm a not a big cartoon girl
except for SouthPark
and whoa do I love
Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo. haha
Cracks me up & grosses me out all at the same time.

Especially when they think Kyle is a
clinically depressed fecal-feliac-on-prozac. hehe

What are some of your favorites?


  1. I'm not a big fan of the one with Jimmy Stewart either, I think it's called "it's a wonderful life"...but Jeff likes it so we usually watch it at least once a year :-/

    But our all time favorites that are just silly but we know by heart are:
    Ernest Saves Christmas (so stupid but that's what's great about it)
    The Santa Clause (only the first one)
    and Scrooged (with Bill Murray)
    and it's really a Thanksgiving movie, but we watch it between TG and Christmas....Planes, Trains and Automobiles....hilarious!

  2. I love Planes, Trains & Automobiles too Andrea! :-) "Those aren't pillows!!!" <-- ROFLMAO! - My fav part is the car scene. Where he's jammin' to the jazz song on the radio and then gets his jacket stuck and ends up going the wrong way. I actually cried when I heard John Candy died. He was one of my favorites. Uncle Buck is the best!

  3. Oh yeah, we loved John Candy, and Jeff loves Uncle Buck. Do you know the actress that played the surly teenager is the one that later on played the wife on Yes, Dear?
    Anyway, the scene you mention from PT&A is one of our favorites too, especially the part where they are driving alongside another couple that are screaming to them that "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY" and Dale is making hand gestures like yeah right, they're drinking, lol!
    Another favorite scene is when the man and his wife arrive to give them a ride to the train station, he's got that snuff in his mouth and says "people train runs out of s...Stubbville" and he tells his wife "get your lazy behind out here and put that trunk up in the truck", and when Neil and Dale object, the man says "she don't mind, she may be short and skinny but she's tough. Hell, she had a baby come out sideways and she didn't scream or nothin"...
    Ha, we gotta watch it today now that I'm thinking about it! (I always cry at the end, same with Uncle Buck, when they show John Candy's smiling face)