Thursday, November 19

"My Grandma Bonnie"

My little 92 year old grandmother Bonnie has been in the hospital where she lives in Lubbock, Texas. She was bleeding and they didn't know why. The situation seemed very grim since the tests were inconclusive. We didn't know if she would last much longer. She's a tiny little thing.

Well today she has bounced back a bit! The bleeding has tapered off! She has 1/2 of the amount of blood a normal body should have.

My mom was telling me that the Doctors and Nurses have decided to let her now have more food than the liquids she was on. And guess what my grandma asked for????

Ready for this....

She said in her cute little southern voice... "I would like to have Chicken Fried Steak."


Of course they told her no she couldn't have Chicken Fried Steak but she could have some mashed potatoes.

Is that a giggle fest or what?

I was just dying when my mom told me.


  1. Aww, what a trooper! I think a big bowl of your beans and cornbread would do her a lot of good
    Sending good wishes her way!

  2. Wishing your grandmother well.