Sunday, November 29

Susan Branch's Cranberry Sauce

In Susan's recipes she has a cranberry sauce made the typical way on the stove w/ water & sugar. In her last email/newsletter "willard" for November she talked about making cranberry sauce in the stove and after wards making Christmas Jelly. She might have said Jam but I think Jelly sounds cuter!

~ For the Cranberry Sauce ~
You place 1 bag cranberries & 1 cup of sugar in a casserole dish in the oven for 35 minutes at 350, stirring 3 times. ~ I made 2 bags, added some cinnamon & the juice of 1 orange and baked it for much longer because they were frozen when I started. I think I did it for 45 minutes.

It is/was good!!! I will make it this
way for Thanksgiving from now on.

~ For the Christmas Jelly ~
Susan also talked about after Thanksgiving to take the leftover cranberry sauce and mix it equally w/ orange marmalade for Christmas Jelly (Jam, Preserves, etc..)

So I did and I tasted it and woowee its tart!
But tomorrow I will taste it proper like w/ some southern biscuits.
If you call making bisquick mix biscuits southern. haha

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