Friday, December 11

The Christmas Newsletter

I finished my newsletter today! Phew!
After looking back at years past newsletters
(yes I am that anally organized.)
I decided this years was a bit grim!
So it got a theme of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.
The year of 2009 started out well but then turned very sour. :-(
And since I tell it like it is, I was brutally honest but in a polite way.

My daughter however said to me on the phone
after telling her about the newsletter,
"Why would you tell people that?"
I said, "Well its the truth isn't it?"
"I'm not going to sugar coat it."

You see it all the time in newsletters.
Honey is practically oozing off the page
making your life feel selfish and pretty boring.
But after smacking yourself in the head you realize...
wait just a second, I know this family
and that's not exactly how I remember last April.
They sugar coated it. Twisting it.
Enhancing it.

Here are some examples:

Our sweet Jenny is so popular!
She has all the local boys attention
and she is given a lot of gifts. I wonder
which boy will receive her hand in marriage?

When the truth is:
Our Sweet Jenny is a whore!
And can't keep it in her pants.
She will be knocked up by next years newsletter.

Another example:
Johnny has decided to peruse his life options.
There are so many life choices and his
valuable skills can be given in so many directions.

The truth is:
Johnny dropped out of school
and smokes pot all day in the basement.
His father wants to kick him out
but I think his graffiti skills can become very useful.

Grandma Betty has joined a wonderful
retirement center. She does arts & crafts
and has made a lot of new friends. We don't see
her as much as we would like because her
social calendar is so full.

The truth is:
I told Howard I was going to leave him if he
didn't put his mother in a home and out of our house!

Sooooo yes I guess I am not that creative and am
brutally honest. I'm just kooky that way. :-)

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  1. Hey Jackie!

    I'm with you on the candy coating of things. I just can't do it!

    Merry Christmas!