Thursday, December 3

Glittered Clothes Pins

I went to Victorian Country Christmas @ the Puyallup Fairgrounds last night. I go every year. I love it! Normally I don't buy hardly anything. Well last night everything appealed to me. They had more crafty stuff and less MIC stuff which I like.

I had spent all my $ that I brought but was still walking around browsing... and then I came to the most wonderful booth of glitter and mica flakes and happiness that sung to my heart. I stood their in awe and said, "I just love your stuff." I said, "You should be selling your work on etsy." She said she had thought about it but just hadn't had the time to mess with it. I said, "NO! I'm telling you! You are making what everyone is wanting. You have HOT items!" I got her biz card and said, "I am going to bug you until you started selling on etsy." She said, "Good I need someone to get me going." :-)

(I know for a fact that the the Puyallup Fairgrounds are charging over $1200 per booth this year!!! Because my favorite sellers the bubble-up girlz who sell soy candles that smell like the best desserts ever had declined to be there because of that this year. How in the world could you sell your handmade items and make a profit?)

One of things that caught my eye that she made was these wooden clothes pins that had glitter all along the top. Her glitter was fabulous. It was silver w/ a tarnished look that screamed VINTAGE. I wanted to buy them all but knew Ted & the Kauffman were glaring at the back of my head. They were Victoria Christmased Out! They were ready to go and I think tired of carrying all my bags. So I thought,
Hmm.... I will just have to make my own. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with Glittered clothes pins for the holidays. Can you guess?

So on the way home we stopped at the grocery store and lo and behold not only did they have wooden clothes pins they had mini wooden clothes pins!!! YES!!! Even better!!! WooHoo!!!

Glue and glitter. It may not look exciting and thrilling to you but I was overjoyed last night. My glitter isn't half as nice as the one she used. Which does make a HUGE difference. So mine are not nearly as nice as hers.
Can you guess at what I am going to do with them yet?

I'm going to hang up my Christmas cards
on white twine with them right under the
fireplace mantle. :-)


  1. cuuuuuuuuuuuute Jackie!!! I can feel your excitement over making these and am right there with you! Don't you love it when something comes together like this? Your cards will be so very cute along the mantle like you describe! Maybe I'll copy ya!

    $1,200 for a booth is UNREAL! Hope you can talk that gal into putting her stuff on Etsy, much cheaper! Be sure to post the link if she does so we can go shoppin'!

  2. Nice idea for the cards, It'll look real nice.

  3. love that idea! I think they turned out great!