Wednesday, December 30

✩ Happy New Year ✩

1 day left of 2009.
I am very happy to see it come to a close
and excited about the new year.
I love saying two thousand and ten.
It sounds so science fiction.
Wheres my flying car I wonder?
Because if I had a flying car, I would fly
it on down to Mexico and lay by the pool
for a week soaking up the sun and feeling spoiled.

This year I am not going to make any
resolutions. I don't think I made any last
year either. I don't smoke (anymore - its
been years) I have accepted my fat body
(we have become good friends) &
I don't gamble, drink, do drugs or anything
else I want to quit. In fact I can't think of
anything I want to quit. Hmm.

What I want instead of resolutions
are promises, hopes and dreams.
What I want is for my mom to be healthy
and have all the cancer behind her.
If I can have that then 2010 will have been a success! :-)
Please Lord if its not to much trouble...
open my daughters eyes so she can
see that this boy of hers treats her
like crap and she can find better!



  1. Happy New Year to you too! Hoping 2010 holds many blessings for you and your family!

  2. Happy New Year Jackie (and assorted family and critters too, lol)!