Tuesday, December 7

Tinsel bad for dogs & cats

Sorry to be a joy kill but our animals are precious and should be protected.


Seven Things that can Kill (or Severely Sicken) Your Dog or Cat this Holiday Season Seven


With the holiday season rapidly approaching, one of the last things a person or a family needs is to make an emergency visit to their veterinarian because of a sick pet, especially in these difficult financial times, says Upstate New York veterinarian Dr. Richard Orzeck. Even though it is impossible to list all of the thousands of things that can cause harm to our cats and dogs in this short article, by highlighting a few of the more common problems veterinarians see or hear about during this winter holiday season, it is hoped that this report can help save your pets any unnecessary misery--or perhaps even save their lives. The complete seven page report which includes important toxic dosages, action plans, and poison control center phone numbers is available free at: www.worldsvet.com
   Of all of the emergency calls vets get from pet owners during all hours of the day and night, one of the most common involves dogs (mostly) and their intentional or accidental eating of chocolate. From brownies to chocolate fudge cake mixes, from Hershey's Kisses to imported Belgian chocolate-covered cherries, everyone wants to know: Can chocolate kill my dog? The answer is: Depending on how much they ate, the answer is yes, it can!

   Every year, beginning around one week before Thanksgiving and lasting until about a week after New Year's, there is a huge increase in really, really sick dogs (mostly) and cats (infrequently) seen by veterinarians These poor critters are really hurting! Most all are vomiting--retching would be a better term--some have diarrhea, and most have so much pain in their abdomens that they have to stand in a stiff, straight-legged, sawhorse stance. Almost all of them have an acknowledged recent history of what we veterinarians call dietary indiscretion. That is, these dogs and cats consumed either purposely, accidentally, or by their own covert efforts, more of something that they normally eat or consumed something that they should not have eaten at all!

   There are hundreds of hazards that can potentially exist in a pet's encounter with a Christmas tree, and it is impossible to list them all. Hands down, one of the biggest problems seen involving the Christmas tree are cats (mostly) and dogs consuming the tinsel. Besides the potential danger of absorbing the heavy metals on these tin or lead-coated tinsels, the biggest danger is them getting stuck in the pet's intestinal tract, causing what we veterinarians call an intestinal blockage. 

   The fact that grapes and, especially, raisins can be toxic to dogs and cats is quite surprising to many people. But now that you know better, and from now on: NEVER feed any grapes or raisins to your pets again. As few as seven raisins can kill a dog.

   Pet owners and their guests usually forget to take into consideration that dogs are significantly lighter in body weight than humans. The twelve-ounce glass of spiked eggnog that causes 140-pound Aunt Debbie to dance naked on the dining room table can potentially kill 40-pound Clyde the basset hound. A second problem with intoxication (again using the example of Aunt Debbie) is that of inhibiting the dog's inhibitions. When you remove this inhibition by alcohol or other drugs, your "nice" doggie could potentially turn into a biting and snarling (as we vets say) land shark. When this happens, your family and guests could get seriously hurt.

   Along with everything else pets have to contend with during our holiday season, it is important as well to keep in mind the festive holiday house plants. A few of the more common problematic plants are listed below, but it must be kept in mind that a complete list would fill volumes.
   *Poinsettia, American mistletoe, Holly, most forced bulb plants (daffodils, narcissi, tulips, autumn crocuses), Lilies, Amaryllis, and probably hundreds more!!!

American Association of Poison Control Centers: 1-800-222-1222
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4435

   The list of items that can harm or kill a beloved pet is infinite. But with an owner's common sense and constant vigilance, the holiday season can be one of joy and excitement for all. Although far from complete, here are a few more things to pay attention to: Christmas candles and scented oils, onions, bread dough, seasonal medications, antifreeze, deicing products, batteries, tylenol, macadamia nuts, and many, many more.

Saturday, November 27

Being Thankful . . .

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

I had a wonderful time.
"Friends & Family
is what its all about! :-)"
When it was time to go around
the table to say what we are
thankful for, I knew immediately
what I would say.
My mom being cancer free
and putting this past year
behind her!

I am very thankful for everything.
I say thank you to God
every night before I go to sleep.
I can't even fall asleep without praying.

The roof over my head,
a wonderful husband laying besides me,
my daughter safe, healthy and sound,
my wonderful fur-babies that 
give me such love & joy,
food in our bellies,
that our family and friends
are safe and healthy.

Being thankful is a definite
mood changer.
Having a bad hair day?
Be thankful you have hair.
Things like that.

I am writing all this because
I recently saw:
w/ Julia Roberts.
Because we are to admire
and love how this woman
made life changes and made differences?
Not me sister!
Right from the get go
she was a bored woman
who left her husband
for no other reason than the
fact she was bored.
I was immediately put off!
She could have had life
experiences and taken him with her
along for the ride.

There was a statistic on the news
the other day, that most people aren't
into getting married anymore.
They think whats the point?


So let me get this straight,
the majority of heterosexuals
don't want to get married anymore
but yet they wont vote yes to 
let homosexuals get married?


Marriage can be hard.
It's not all wine & roses 24-7.
And the grass isn't always greener.
Ask someone who has been 
married 3 or 4 times.

If your bored, get a hobby.
Don't destroy a family.

*** I am not saying stay married 
to emotional or physical abusers 
that's completely different.
In that situation,
run don't walk!!! ***

Just be thankful for what you have.
Treasure your memories.
Have open communication.
Tell your partner how your feeling
before you make up your
decision to walk out the door.

Now grab your hunny
and turn on some christmas music
and start decorating!!!
Tis' the Season :-)

Thursday, November 18

This & That :-)

1st,  Amber was in Las Vegas today handing out tofurkey meals and who should come along, but Elvis! Amber quoted, "Pelvised by Elvis"... my question was, "Where is Elvis right hand?"

2nd, this is a complete brag!!!
Look at what I bought today!!!
Jenny Heid, that girl is always spending my money! haha! 
Posted this gorgeous wreath via etsy on her facebook the other day, and I just couldn't stop looking at it. I was drawn in BIG TIME!!!
And I am going to leave it up all year round! Because after all, Everyday is a Holiday! :-)
For more from the seller click HERE
Merry Christmas to Me!!! :-)

3rdly hehe
Look at this wonderful craft how to from allsorts.com
Click HERE for the tutorial for this wonderful felt tree! :-)

Tuesday, November 16

Thankyou & Thankful

I want to say, Thank you to my new blog followers from blogfrog. Welcome new friends . . . my blog entries are pretty random from rambling about my dogs, dog care, rescue dogs, my daughter Amber with PETA, recipes, my journey as being a vegan, my family/friends, things I love, decorating and maybe a craft project or two.

I know not everyone is thrilled w/ my vegan talk. But its a journey I am really enjoying. It will be a year in January! I had done it before many years ago but didn't stick with it because I wasn't eating properly and taking supplements. My daughter is a 3 year vegan, my mother a 3 year vegetarian, my husband an almost 1 year vegetarian. So its nice to all be on this journey together and widening our food spectrum.

I love animals very much but my vegan journey is all about good health. I am fanatical about trying to put no chemicals in my body. No diet pop, no diet (sugar free) anything!!! And eating organically.

I also want to say that my mother has been given a clean bill of health! She is cancer free!!! It has been a really hard ordeal for her this past year both physically and mentally. We have something truly to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Good Health to you and yours, :-)

Amber in downtown Phoenix today

They handed out Tofurkey Thanksgiving meals.

Monday, November 15

Martha Stewarts Living "virtual" Magazine

If you have an iPad,
you must, must, must
download via the app store
Lots of how to videos, 
visually the magazine is breathtaking.
I especially love the before and after pictures.

Do it! :-)

Amber was in San Diego today

San Diego Convention Center ~ Neuroscience Convention

Amber is in the bottom cage on the right.

Sunday, November 14

Raising boobs...

Today we took our Boston terrier, Apple to a dog meet up today. It's like a playdate for dogs in an enclosed setting at a park. All the dogs were having so much fun running around and being typical dogs and enjoying themselves with dopey smiles on their faces. Well except for one dog. Sigh. My Apple. Her whole body shook with fear, she looked simply pathetic as she wrapped her paws around my right leg trying to get me to pick her up. She wanted no part of it. I had people giving me advice like taking her to a dog socializer. I tried to explain we have a lot of dogs at home. Trust me, she socializes and plays like crazy. One guy told me maybe I should leave so she couldn't see me so she would play. It brought back flashbacks of when Amber was 5 and it was the first day of kindergarten. She was had her little arms wrapped around my right leg begging me not to leave her. When I finally detached her and left, she screamed, cried and kicked the teacher. Yes, she really did. From then on Ted had to take her to kindergarten until she actually liked it. So as I contemplated leaving Apple in the enclosed pen, My husband chimed in with, Apple will just run to the fence and try and get out. I knew he was right. We forced Apple to endure an hour until she started growling and then it was, okay then this was fun and it's time to go.

I wiped off her muddy feet and put on her pink fleece sweater and wrapped her in a blanket cuddling her with soothing mommy talk, "It's okay you can be my baby waby. And those mean ol' dogs just didn't understand you."

It didn't really HIT me until tonight when as I was taking off my makeup in the bathroom, I heard scratching at the door. It was Pepper Ann, our chubsy wubsy chihuahua. I said, what's the matter Pepper Ann?  As I left the bathroom I realized the problem. She wanted me to fluff her dog bed, straighten the sheet and straighten the blankets. As I was doing this and tucking her in, I knew the realization of.... Its plain and simple I am raising boobs. I have turned every single one of my dogs into giant boobs!

I have mothered them to the point of ruining their social skills. Sigh.
Will I change? Probably not. 
I am not going to give up on the play dates though. We will go again next week, and the week after that and so on. But this time we will bring another dog with. Maybe if Apple has a best friend with her she will loosen up and play. Either that or I will have two dogs clinging to both legs as the other dog owners shake their heads and give me pitiful glances.

I must have done something right with Amber. She is beyond social. :-O

Wednesday, November 10

Isn't this the cutest?

Originally uploaded by Thriftshopannie
I love this soooooooo much!


Tuesday, November 9

Sunflower Seeds

I am not sure if I have talked about sunflower seeds before, if I have, please disregard this post. But let me tell you, I love, love, love sunflower seeds. I buy unshelled roasted unsalted sunflower seeds in the bulk section of my grocery store. I keep them in a cute wolfgang puck see through container w/ locking lid in the color aqua right on my kitchen counter, to be specific, to the right of my stove, and under the paper towels. LOL!!!

I sprinkle the seeds on my salads, on a baked potato, on spaghetti, on any noodles, in my mock tuna sandwich spread, in soup (yes, really) and on open faced sandwiches. (However I do not like to eat the shelled ones that people snack on.)

So today I thought, hmm how many calories are all these seeds that I am consuming and am I really gaining any nutritional value from them? (Not that it would change my obsession with them.)

Wikipedia said: In addition to linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, some amino acids (especially tryptophan), Vitamin E, B Vitamins (especially vitamin B1 or thiamine, vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid and folate), and minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, calcium and zinc. Additionally, they are rich in cholesterol-lowering phytosterols.

Yum! How fabulous!
But what about calories and fat?
A cup is 889 calories! & 76 grams of fat!!! WHOA!!!!!
Its a good thing I eat about half of a 1/8 cup of a cup through out the day sprinkled on things.

All I know, is I love them. They enhance my food and make me smile. It's the little things in life, right? :-)

Sunday, November 7

Amber demos, October 30th

This is in regards
to how inhumanely
McDonalds treats the chickens.

ZomBCon in Seattle
Amber was suppose to Zombie-up but she was too tired
after a long day in the rain.

Saturday, November 6

Cashews Can Help Diabetes

via my Meatout Mondays email newsletter:

Eating cashews may improve the body's response to insulin, researchers in Canada and Cameroon reveal. The study, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, analyzed the health benefits of cashew tree products – including leaves, bark and nuts. Cashew tree products have long been alleged to be effective anti-inflammatory agents, as well as having the ability to counter high-blood sugar and prevent insulant resistance in diabetics.

Researchers found that cashew nut extract significantly stimulated blood-sugar absorption by muscle cells. "Extracts of other plant parts had no such effect, indicating that cashew seed extract likely contains active compounds, which can have potential anti-diabetic properties," explained senior author Pierre Haddad.

To read the full article, visit http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2010/07/15/Cashews-may-help-those-with-diabetes/UPI-40541279249577/

Amber again in Seattle, this time as a cow (leather)

SeattleInsider: Naked Beauties Prowl Into Seattle For PETA Protest - Photos - KIRO Seattle

Friday, November 5

Love Marilyn

I stayed up late the other night and watched How to marry a millionaire w/ Marilyn. I think she was at her thinnest during this movie. It's sooooo cute! I love it. :-)

Thursday, November 4

Amber in downtown Seattle yesterday

I have to say as a MOTHER its VERY hard to see an almost naked picture of your child. When I see her, I don't see a grown young woman in her mid 20's. I see my 5 year old child going off to school.

She has been on a PETA tour all week, and stopped by briefly last night to pick up her passport for Canada. She still had her snake make-up on and the dogs FREAKED out!

Wednesday, November 3

Missing Yorkie - Covington, WA

The little girl Yorkie
has still not been returned to her owner.

Tuesday, November 2

Halloween Night . . .

Did you have a fun Halloween?
Halloween at our house is all about my husband, Ted.
I wanted to skip it this year.

We had bought enough candy for 220 kids and it was all gone!!!
130 pieces were full size candy bars. We always buy the treats from SAMS. It's so much cheaper buying full size in bulk.

We had a few people over. Usually it's much larger inside. I think it was better since Ted's back has been killing him and I was dealing (still am) with a cold/flu thing and was doped up big time!

It's over now! Everything is packed up and I have my Thanksgiving decorations all out. I love Thanksgiving. I love a good meal if you didn't know... HAHA! This year we will be turkey-less at my mom's! :-) Amber and I are so excited to have a cruel free/meat free dinner.

On with a few pics . . .
This is Ted's girl, I HATE HER!!! :::Shiver:::
Normally she hangs on the cemetery fence, but this year he put her inside "Connie," our 1969 vintage travel trailer that is being restored.
Nightime (notice he gave her a lil' friend? a black cat):
(Do you know how many nights she scared the cr@p out of Chris or Amber coming home late at night all month long?)

Ted's carved pumpkin is in the back, 
mine is Oogey Boogey up front:

Ted's favorite treat to make is the witch fingers. He really gets in to it. The thing is, they really don't taste very good. LOL! It's a basic shortbread recipe, and I just don't think they are very sweet. Remember as a kid when your mom would take leftover pie crust and make strips for you w/ cinnamon and sugar and bake them in the oven? That's what they taste like but w/out the cinnamon and sugar. Plain jane dough. We veganized them this year! :-)

We use to be able to buy strawberry ice cream topping for the blood, but for several years now, we can't find it. So I just make the blood now. It's so easy. Cherry Jelly, Hersheys Cocoa, Corn Syrup and a lil' red food coloring. (Some red food colorings are not vegan! They are made from bugs! Yes you heard me. Most red food coloring comes from the bug

Everything on the table was vegan, 
except for the cheese pizza. 
I got that for Ted & Ray.
I also had a vegan pizza, 
but had it in the kitchen.
Everything else was pretty easy to veganize. 
Spinach dip, taco dip, pumpkin bars, etc...
Precious Nina' w/ the crocheted 
Halloween blanket I made.
Apple did not want to wear her 
Halloween tee shirt! Poor baby!
She finally got used to is and spread out in front of the fire on another crocheted Halloween blanket I made.
Bloody Marys anyone?
I mostly put all my Halloween (small items) in a glass cabinet. I liked it much better and took a picture so I would remember for next year.
My kitchen helpers:
Mom, can we go trick-or-treating too?
Part of front yard before it got really dark:
Chris and Amber:
My mom and our friend Patti, cracks me up!
My mom said she is a glam vampire and Patti is a gym rat:

Happy November!!! :-)

Hmm . . .

While editing a halloween picture, I noticed an orb.

Some say its a ghost, some say its pollen or dust.

Who knows... but its interesting.

Meanwhile I've come to the conclusion,
Ted does a crappy job w/ webbing.
I'm on webbing duty from now on! LOL!

Thursday, October 28

Sweet Dreams Mobile

I just finished this craft
project called,

It was a lot of fun! :-)
I just adore craft kits.