Friday, January 29

KeEp CaLm & HaVe A CuPcAkE

I took this picture tonight
at my closest Barnes & Noble.

See the pink Keep Calm & Have A Cupcake?
It is fabulous!!!
It's my favorite artist Jenny Heid (Aaron too!)
See if you can find it at your local B&N!!! :-)
She also has the same print for hanging in a
variety of colors on

Thursday, January 28


Have you ever seen a cuter family?

I just melted when I saw this
on Viv Out On A Whim's Blog.
These are her cats w/ their babies.

Aww . . .

Sunday, January 24

Eye Candy

Do you love eye candy?
I sure do!
And this blog has it!!!
Lots of eye candy w/ none of the calories. :-)
Click here:
Such Pretty Things

Enjoy & Happy Sunday!
It's raining here, dark & miserable
but inside the house is warm & happy.
Movies, tea & fur-babies = my favorite combination.

Saturday, January 16


Thanks Tina from Cherry Hill Cottage!!!

She posted a recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake made in a cast iron skillet. So I made it today! Yum! I am taking it to Patti's belated New Years Eve party (everyone was sick then so it was canceled.)

And please give to the people of Haiti. It's going to be a long process. Right now it is recovering the alive & the dead & supplying health care, burial, food & water. In the future they will need help with shelter, rebuilding and getting their lives back. I am sick to death of hearing some Americans saying, "Well what about our poor and homeless?" What are they exactly saying? We should sit back, watch and do nothing? I just don't agree with that reasoning.

AT&T customers can text HAITI to 90999 to give $10 to Red Cross.
$10 will not break each and every one of us. Please give.

I remember an old friend many years ago telling me that when your hands are open to give, they are also open to receive. I have never forgotten that.

Wednesday, January 13

Pet Promise

Our dashchund mix Reeses,
has always been a sickly dog.
As a puppy she was rescued in the street
in front of our doctors office.
We took her home so she could be safe
and we could find her a good home.
Well her good home turned out to be our home.
We have a hard time not getting attached!

Some medical history on her:
The 2nd day in our home she started
vomiting up these long worms.
Which turned out to be round worms.
The vet said he has never seen so many
worms of different types inside a puppy before.

When she was spayed months later,
her incision got infected and it
took lots of antibiotics to heal her.
Her whole life she has had to have bi-monthly
(sometimes we can go every 3 months)
of cortisone shots because her skin breaks
out in these welts. Under her front legs
it will get bubbled up and smell like mold.

She just is a sickly type of a dog.

The several vets I see have always
said they thought it was allergies.
Well.... I have always bought organic dog & cat food.

I am against chemicals, preservatives &
bi-products in pet foods. I truly believe it
will actually save you in the long run
on vet bills and early deaths.

A few months ago we started buying Pet Promise weight & aging formula (not organic - a big leap of faith on my part to actually buy it) for the dogs. And Reeses is behind on her cortisone shot. So the other day I was going to call & make an appt. And before I do I always look at her skin to see how bad it is. Well I was shocked! Her stomach and groin has no bumps, no scabs, no welts. NOTHING! Under her front arms its way down. The blackness and bubbling is way down and the odor is barely noticeable. She wont have to get a cortisone shot! Which is wonderful because the steroids keep her on the fat side plus who knows whatever side effects she gets from it.

So I am shouting from the roof tops if your dog has any type of skin disease try Pet Promise! I am thrilled with the results! I wish I had a before & after picture to show you.

Look at that face.
She is such a joy in our lives.

Tuesday, January 5

Queen Apple

It is so true!
We are just Apples minion servants
as she runs this house. :-)

Monday, January 4

Add fun lights to gloomy January!

January (to me) is a gloomy month!
Its sad, dark and depressing.
All the Christmas lights & decorations
are put away and its either snowing, raining
or just darn right cold & dark outside.
Its my least favorite month.
So as soon as my Christmas decorations get put away,
I put up my Valentines decorations.

And I didn't want to lose my fun lights in the kitchen

Some of my blog readers (& family & friends)
from several years ago
may remember when I posted about the
Christmas light idea that I got from my
step-mother-in-law Karen for Christmas.
She had seen it in a gift store, and made a
few for herself & gifts in green light strands.
I immediately wanted to make my own in a
white light strand & blogged about it (deleted.)

Since I deleted all those old blog posts (stupid me!)
I couldn't remember the exact amount of fabric.
I am thinking it was 3 kinds of fabric, 1/2 yard each
for each strand of 100 lights.
Cutting strips into 6" length by 1" width,
tying 3 strips in between each light.

This one I made yesterday,
I only bought 1 yard of one kind of fabric
and of course I didn't have enough,
so I tied the light strand in half,
doubling the look.

Chubby Te (Amber's 17 yr old cat)
had to come on the table & get involved.

I took this picture this morning,
it was pouring rain outside & of course very dark.
I need to complete redo the top window shelf. :-/
Jenny Heid has me thinking/decorating in
pink & aqua
instead of my standard red. :-O
& YES those bananas look pretty bad
& need to become some bread. :-)

This is a Valentine strand I made last year: