Monday, January 4

Add fun lights to gloomy January!

January (to me) is a gloomy month!
Its sad, dark and depressing.
All the Christmas lights & decorations
are put away and its either snowing, raining
or just darn right cold & dark outside.
Its my least favorite month.
So as soon as my Christmas decorations get put away,
I put up my Valentines decorations.

And I didn't want to lose my fun lights in the kitchen

Some of my blog readers (& family & friends)
from several years ago
may remember when I posted about the
Christmas light idea that I got from my
step-mother-in-law Karen for Christmas.
She had seen it in a gift store, and made a
few for herself & gifts in green light strands.
I immediately wanted to make my own in a
white light strand & blogged about it (deleted.)

Since I deleted all those old blog posts (stupid me!)
I couldn't remember the exact amount of fabric.
I am thinking it was 3 kinds of fabric, 1/2 yard each
for each strand of 100 lights.
Cutting strips into 6" length by 1" width,
tying 3 strips in between each light.

This one I made yesterday,
I only bought 1 yard of one kind of fabric
and of course I didn't have enough,
so I tied the light strand in half,
doubling the look.

Chubby Te (Amber's 17 yr old cat)
had to come on the table & get involved.

I took this picture this morning,
it was pouring rain outside & of course very dark.
I need to complete redo the top window shelf. :-/
Jenny Heid has me thinking/decorating in
pink & aqua
instead of my standard red. :-O
& YES those bananas look pretty bad
& need to become some bread. :-)

This is a Valentine strand I made last year:


  1. very cute...esp. for Valentine's Day (my absolutely fav holiday!)

  2. What a cute idea....looks so festive!!!

  3. I like that for Valentines Day. Going to have to try it.

    Happy New Year!