Wednesday, January 13

Pet Promise

Our dashchund mix Reeses,
has always been a sickly dog.
As a puppy she was rescued in the street
in front of our doctors office.
We took her home so she could be safe
and we could find her a good home.
Well her good home turned out to be our home.
We have a hard time not getting attached!

Some medical history on her:
The 2nd day in our home she started
vomiting up these long worms.
Which turned out to be round worms.
The vet said he has never seen so many
worms of different types inside a puppy before.

When she was spayed months later,
her incision got infected and it
took lots of antibiotics to heal her.
Her whole life she has had to have bi-monthly
(sometimes we can go every 3 months)
of cortisone shots because her skin breaks
out in these welts. Under her front legs
it will get bubbled up and smell like mold.

She just is a sickly type of a dog.

The several vets I see have always
said they thought it was allergies.
Well.... I have always bought organic dog & cat food.

I am against chemicals, preservatives &
bi-products in pet foods. I truly believe it
will actually save you in the long run
on vet bills and early deaths.

A few months ago we started buying Pet Promise weight & aging formula (not organic - a big leap of faith on my part to actually buy it) for the dogs. And Reeses is behind on her cortisone shot. So the other day I was going to call & make an appt. And before I do I always look at her skin to see how bad it is. Well I was shocked! Her stomach and groin has no bumps, no scabs, no welts. NOTHING! Under her front arms its way down. The blackness and bubbling is way down and the odor is barely noticeable. She wont have to get a cortisone shot! Which is wonderful because the steroids keep her on the fat side plus who knows whatever side effects she gets from it.

So I am shouting from the roof tops if your dog has any type of skin disease try Pet Promise! I am thrilled with the results! I wish I had a before & after picture to show you.

Look at that face.
She is such a joy in our lives.


  1. That's wonderful Jackie! I do know that changing their food makes a world of difference if you get the right type of food for your dog. My chihuahua Spunky had problems with her ears. A vet told me to feed her Lamb & Rice. I did and she got so much better. My current dog Two is so much more healthier and I believe alive because of Natural Balance.

    Reeses looks so good in that picture that I wouldn't have ever thought she had any problems at all!


  2. Aww, look at that face!! She loves you :-)
    I'll look for that food next time I'm there....Astro has been itchy a lot lately and has some red spots under his arm (or leg rather) pits, vet said allergies, gives me some pills for it, but they give him the craps! Urgh, so frustrating! Thanks for the witness on this other stuff!

  3. You must be so relieved that you discovered it! She's soo cute!

    Sandy xox

  4. I'm so happy to hear that your Reeses has responded so well to the new dog food. My friend's Shitzu passed away last year and she always had skin allergies. I wonder if this food would have eased her doggy's problem. It sounds like a miracle product, doesn't it? Ms Reeses must be so happy! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment about our Midnight.

  5. so happy to be able to see your posts again! :) seeing your cute pets and love your recipes too!...I baked those devil pumpkin cupcakes...the best!
    ..thank you so much,