Tuesday, January 5

Queen Apple

It is so true!
We are just Apples minion servants
as she runs this house. :-)


  1. Aww, what a cutie! But I thought Nina was the Queen!?!

  2. Apple dethroned her. - Andrea, Nina' is very fragile now. :-( She turned 11 several weeks ago, has congestive heart failure (she is now on 2 prescriptions) and sleeps a lot. Nina' will always be my #1. I will miss her terribly when she passes which hopefully on medication wont be for many years. - Apple is queen because she runs circles around all the dogs & is non stop with us at her beck and call day & night. We have to crate Apple whenever we leave even if its just for a minute because we will come back to something destroyed. :-O

  3. Hey Jackie!

    Just look at that serious look on Apple's face! Cute!


  4. Oh dear, I'm sorry about Nina! I know exactly how you feel, Chester was very frail before he eventually crossed the bridge, it broke my heart. All we can do is love them to bits...these babies take up so much of our hearts!
    Give her some kisses from me, k?
    love ya'll

  5. Oh goodness, sooo Adorable!!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Tiff :)