Friday, February 12

♥ Be YOUR Valentine ♥

On all the different blogs I have had, all deleted now :-O
Every year I have written the same thing around Valentine's Day.
So for those of you have heard this before...
well to bad. Listen to it again. HAHA

I get so sad
when I hear people say
And they say it usually because
they don't have a romantic
someone to spend it with.

That's what makes me sad.
What about yourself?!?!?!
You should be your valentine!

Don't buy into all the romance
movies, books & stories out there.
It's not just about champagne, chocolates & roses.
Or heaven forbid diamonds.
It drives me crazy that
people think to enjoy something
or make someone feel special
they need to go broke doing it.
And if thats what "they" are expecting
then honey move on!

I love Valentine's Day.
Love it.
I love the red, the pink, the hearts
the whole idea of it.
Its a sweet, wonderful holiday.

Be nice to yourself, to others,
give loads of compliments,
hold the door open for someone.
Say please & thank you.

Have a bubble bath.
Watch a favorite movie.
Get a manicure.
Whatever makes YOU happy.
Spoil yourself for the day.

Just be happy!

There is however a little guy
very important to all of us
that should be treated extra special
this Valentine's day.

That little guy is our heart.
Have a heart healthy day.
Go for a walk.

Heart disease is the #1 killer
in women. It far surpasses cancer.

If you smoke - QUIT!
If you love deep fried foods -
cut down on it.
Add POM juice to your diet
(It cleans out your arteries.)
Take a baby aspirin every day.
Get a physical.
But mostly walk.
Walk, Walk, Walk!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥


  1. I agree with you Jackie!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Sweet post Jackie!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I like this message, Jackie...worth reading over and over. Hugs, Sandy

  4. Love the post! Hope you had a great Valentine's.