Wednesday, February 10

I kid you not!

I was reading this blog the other day
of this cute girls well I guess she is a young
woman and not a girl that moved to Korea
and does not have an oven.
She is a vegetarian/vegan and is just the
cutest little thing sharing her experiences.
She stopped blogging in July 2009
so I hope she is okay.

she shared a recipe of
Walnut Taco Filling.
I looked at the picture and was like,
NO WAY! Nooooooooo way!
I have been gabbing on & on about it
to Ted ever since. Well walnuts make his
mouth itch and he was like, NO WAY!

Well Yes Way Ted.
I made it today.
O. M. G!
It is soooooooo good!
It taste like meat! I kid you not!
Me, Ted and the Kauffman
literally oinked our way through the
kitchen making and enjoying tacos
from these walnuts. And Teds
mouth didn't itch once.
Ted asked me to make it again! WOW!

The Kauffman said he was taking baby steps
so he didn't try the tofutti sour cream
nor the vegan cheese, which is whats on
my taco in the above picture.

I doubled the recipe:

Walnut Taco Filling

3 cups ground walnuts
(I pulsed in my food processor until
I thought it looked like ground meat.)
3 tsp. cumin
1 - 1/2 tsp. coriander
4 Tbs. soy sauce
pinch of cayenne

Mix all together and set aside
to let the flavors absorb.

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