Thursday, February 25

Tofu Mom Again ♥

Remember the mid-late 90's
when Pampered chef recipes
were all the rage?
I am sure they still are,
I just never hear about them anymore
very much.

I am sure this is adapted from that.
I had never made a taco ring when they
were "in." But this vegan one
sure hit the spot!
It is good!!!!

And remember for all you meat eaters
all these recipes can be adapted.
Just use meat instead.
But expand your horizons and try
these "faux" meats.
They are really good.

Tofu Mom's

Vegan Taco Ring

Click the above link for recipe
and how-to pictures.

It was so easy & fun to make. :-)


  1. Love it!!! Yes, it was once a "Pampered Chef" recipe that I modified and modified until I felt pretty confident calling it "mine"... Glad you liked it!

  2. I dont see much of Pamered Chef anymore either. They did have some good recipes.

    This looks really good, going to have to try it. Never had Tofu. It'll be a first.