Wednesday, March 31

Tuesday, March 30

♥ Jenny & Aaron ♥

Sorry Mary E,
I have begun replacing my
beloved red, black, cherries & scotties
to pink, aqua & cupcakes via Jenny & Aaron.

(One side of dining room wall
the other side is still Mary E
as in Engelbreit.)

Before was a cherry wreath
under the plate shelf
that had Mary E plates,
and a long black framed picture of
Mary E cards, cross stitch & her autograph.

The kitchen/dining tree use to be red ribbons,
Mary E yellow stars, cherries & scotties.

I have more Jenny & Aaron
through out the house.
More pictures later.
I just love their theme of
"Everyday is a Holiday."

Click below for shopping & more info:
Jenny & Aaron's artwork on Etsy
Jenny's Blog

Friday, March 26

Misc Pictures . . .

Dream on Pervy...
I like this picture.
Found this yesterday on the net of Amber.

Daves Killer Bread was in town.
What an AWESOME way to get your
Omega 3's. :-)

I love, love, love this picture.
Is the Boston spoiled or what?
All the fur-babies love their daddy.

Wednesday, March 24

Mexican Tortilla Bake

I saw this recipe posted today on
twitter via VegNews Magazine.
I had almost all the ingredients
so I made it tonight for dinner.
It was Yummy!
Recipe HERE. <---

Picture sucks, I know. :-(
I took it w/ my cell
& my kitchen is soooo dark!

Love this ❥ Love Amber ❥

Amber's in Vancouver Canada

@ Victory Square Click HERE.
The pictures are AWESOME!
Great Job Amber! :-)

Why is she doing this?

Vancouver, B.C. -- Naked behind a banner that reads, "Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers," two PETA beauties will shower together at Victory Square to let consumers know that the best thing that they can do for the environment is to go vegan. The demonstration will be held during the GLOBE 2010 Conference & Trade Fair.

Where: Intersection of W. Hastings and Cambie streets, Vancouver
When: Wednesday, March 24, 12 noon

U.N. scientists have determined that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, SUVs, trucks, and planes in the world combined. Researchers at the University of Chicago determined that switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering climate change than switching from a standard car to a Toyota Prius. And, of course, going vegan is the best thing that anyone can do to help stop animal suffering.

"It's impossible to 'go green' without going vegan," says PETA beauty Nicole Matthews. "Just by changing their diets, concerned people can help protect the Earth, their own health, and countless animals."

2 pictures I found on twitter:

Saturday, March 20

Amber is home!!!

Yesterday she was in Montgomery.

You can see some really nice pictures HERE. (A news photographer took a series of pictures, and I don't want to repost them because they are copyrighted.)

I did however find one on twitter,
that a passerby took:

A few people on twitter were making
comments about the dog tied up to a post
behind the tiger in a cage
like it was being hypocritical.

Well the story on the dog is this:
In Tupelo, there was a stray dog
sitting in the demo spot when they
arrived. They asked if anyone
knew who the dog belonged to
and the dog stayed with them.
After the demo they took the dog
to the Animal Shelter to see if
it was microchipped. It wasn't.
It was infested w/ fleas.
The Animal Shelter was overcrowded
and said, the dog looked to have been
on the streets for a very long time.

So for the rest of the tour
they kept the dog with them.
$400 later . . .
The dog got shots, bathed, fed,
saw a vet who said the dog has
heartworms and has begun treatment
but they girls were told the dog
may die. The dog flew to California
with one of the PETA gals
and now has a new forever home! :-)

They named the dog, Tupelo.

Daiya Cheese

I first heard about this cheese on twitter. I am sure Amber has talked about it but I probably let it go in one ear and out the other. So when I read a tweet that Sidecar for Pigs Peace had Daiya in stock, I went the next day to buy some which is a good thing because shortly after they were sold out. I know this because I went back to buy the white version for lasagna. Any who... I put the cheese in the freezer because I wasn't in the mood for cheese. I read blogs, articles and comments that what non dairy eaters miss most is cheese. Well I am not a cheese girl. I can live without it. However my mom and husband are cheese fanatics! For example my husbands most favorite meal: tomato soup and grilled cheese. His second: a plate of sliced cheese and a box of crackers. I am so not kidding! When we go grocery shopping, he immediately gets his favorite cheeses and will peruse for new imported cheeses. I am sure his addiction to cheese equals mine for chocolate.

Any way . . . I put the Daiya cheese in the freezer. And week after week Amber would say, "You havn't made anything with the cheese yet?" I would shrug my shoulders and say, "No I am not really in the cheese mood."

Well.... my little old dog got sick this past week. And its been a very hard week and all I have been wanting to eat is comfort food. The other night I told Ted and our roommate Chris, I want mashed potatoes for dinner. And that is what I made. A huge ass pot of mashed potatoes. I mean HUGE! I ate on it for dinner, snack and breakfast and I think lunch the next day too. The day I made the decision that our little dog needed to be put to sleep the next day. I took one of the packages of Daiya cheese out of the freezer to thaw. It was time for more comfort food.

The following day (yesterday) we had our little dog put to sleep and we buried her. A little while later, I got out the cheese and grated it and took out all the fixings for nachos. We ate nachos for dinner, then today I wanted to experiment more with the cheese so tried it in a quesadilla and the peace de la resitance - grilled cheese. HUBBY COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT TASTE!!!

So for the reason of this post........... VEGAN NON DAIRY DAIYA CHEESE is
AWESOME!!!! It melts like real cheese! To me it taste kind of like that spray cheese in a can. So maybe just maybe I will become a cheese eater now too with this wonderful product. I am still hoping that some white Daiya comes in stock so I can try it in lasagna. I don't think there is anything more comforting than lasagna.

Sidecar for Pigs Peace

Friday, March 19

Rest In Peace Jody

The little rescue dog that came into our lives 4 years ago.
She ended up in rescue because
one of her hu-parents died, the other dimentia.
The surviving family members didn't want her.
She was nearly blind, from cataracts.
And was losing her hearing.
She slept most days.
We didn't think she would live very long.

She sure had a vivacious appetite.
And loved to go outside and walk in blind circles.

She had been steadily losing weight
which the vet thought was a good thing
because she had congestive heart disease.
But it bothered me.
Last week she stopped eating all together.
I think she still wanted to, she just couldn't.
I thought she would die at home on her own.
But today was to much.
She was suffering, I don't even think she was
even inside her brain anymore.
She was moaning and chewing on her tongue.

Ted came home from work early
and dug her grave and etched "Jo"
on a big rock that will soon sit on top of the ground.
I wrapped her in her favorite green blanket
and said goodbye.
With many tears between myself and Ted
he left for the vet appt.
Thats where he is now.
I just couldn't go. :-(
He will be back soon with her in the box.

We have gone through this before,
and will go through this many times again.
It's a part of life and I hate it.
I really hate it. :-(

Thursday, March 18

Amber WAS in Birmingham

Everything was going fine,
until the police showed up!

Ambers words,
"Blocked me completely! Yelled at us! Completely BROKE the law by Ignoring our 1st amendment and ignoring our Permit!! THEN Followed us to the car Harassing US."

Next stop Montgomery . . .

Wednesday, March 17

Amber's in Tupelo

On site demo where tickets for
Ringling Brothers was being sold.

Tuesday, March 16

Amber's in Memphis

When my daughter looks back at her life,
she will definitely be able to say, "What a ride it was."
She is on a PETA tour right now.

1st stop today, Memphis:

Click HERE to watch video via fox news.

Ya know what gets me...
This is a shy girl,
who gets depressed and upset w/
her appearance.
if you can get naked for PETA
and have all this confidence
why can't you have it in your
every day life and walk around
proud & tall?
She says, its different.

She will do anything for the animals.
Even go to jail she says.

Wednesday, March 10

Pizza Pi

5500 University Way NE

Ted took the day off, so we headed for errands, Mighty-O donuts and then met Amber for lunch at Pizza Pi. Ted and I have never been there before but Amber is a long time customer. That girl gets recognized and remembered where ever we go. It either a. her animal rights events & demos or b. she spends a lot of money on going out to eat! I think its more the later.

If fancy, waited on atmosphere is what your looking for then this
isn't the place for you. To go to the bathroom you have to follow a yellow line that takes you right through the center of the kitchen to a back room by the dish washing stations. You go up to the counter to order. The food is delivered to your table and you bus your own tables.

If good vegan food is what you are looking for then this
is the place for you! Oh My Goodness. What a yummy delight! If you think dairy cheese is what makes a pizza than you are in for a big time surprise!!!

We ordered Cheesestix w/ extra garlic sauce
3 small pizzas & drinks = $38

This was my pizza:
The Olive Lovers
Spinach & Artichoke Sauce
Green Olives, Black Olives & Kalamata Olives
This is the best pizza I have ever eaten!

This was Ted's pizza:
Phoni-Pepperoni Pizza
Marinara sauce, pepperoni,
black olives, bell peppers & mushrooms
"Minus the mushrooms for Ted"

He loved it!

Amber's pizza was:
The Rainy Day Pizza
White garlic sauce, sundried tomatoes,
pineapple, spinach & grilled onions
She opted for the gluten free crust
and she said it was the best gluten
free crust she has eaten.

What a meal! :-)

We could only eat 3 pieces each.
Very filling & now we have leftovers for later.

Friday, March 5

Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts made the news!!!
"Bon Appetit Magazine just named them
one of the ten best donut shops in the country."

Amber has been a fan and loyal customer for years.
She was even hired their once, but got another job offer
and had to decline before her 1st training day.

We were just there the other day:
The new apple fritters are the best!

Thursday, March 4

Bamboo Garden

Chris & I went and met Amber for lunch.
A Vegan Chinese Restaurant.

Bamboo Garden
364 Roy Street

I had never been there before,
but Amber eats there all the time.

I ordered the lunch combination!
LOOK at the portions!!! OMG!

It was amazing for "faux" meats.
I especially loved the almond breaded "chicken."
I can't wait to go back and take Ted.

Chris was being sarcastic!
He keeps saying, baby steps
when we have him try new food.
&&& Whats really funny,
Amber and I barely could eat a 1/4 of our food
and Chris cleared his plate!

I loved my fortune,
because it is so very true. ❥