Saturday, March 20

Amber is home!!!

Yesterday she was in Montgomery.

You can see some really nice pictures HERE. (A news photographer took a series of pictures, and I don't want to repost them because they are copyrighted.)

I did however find one on twitter,
that a passerby took:

A few people on twitter were making
comments about the dog tied up to a post
behind the tiger in a cage
like it was being hypocritical.

Well the story on the dog is this:
In Tupelo, there was a stray dog
sitting in the demo spot when they
arrived. They asked if anyone
knew who the dog belonged to
and the dog stayed with them.
After the demo they took the dog
to the Animal Shelter to see if
it was microchipped. It wasn't.
It was infested w/ fleas.
The Animal Shelter was overcrowded
and said, the dog looked to have been
on the streets for a very long time.

So for the rest of the tour
they kept the dog with them.
$400 later . . .
The dog got shots, bathed, fed,
saw a vet who said the dog has
heartworms and has begun treatment
but they girls were told the dog
may die. The dog flew to California
with one of the PETA gals
and now has a new forever home! :-)

They named the dog, Tupelo.

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  1. Amazing Jackie, just amazing! I'm so amazed at Amber, such courage to stand behind her beliefs. And I'm so happy the dog found a forever home, bless his heart....I hope he gets better.
    I know you're so relieved that Amber is safely home....
    Hugs for all you've been through this week....