Tuesday, March 16

Amber's in Memphis

When my daughter looks back at her life,
she will definitely be able to say, "What a ride it was."
She is on a PETA tour right now.

1st stop today, Memphis:

Click HERE to watch video via fox news.

Ya know what gets me...
This is a shy girl,
who gets depressed and upset w/
her appearance.
if you can get naked for PETA
and have all this confidence
why can't you have it in your
every day life and walk around
proud & tall?
She says, its different.

She will do anything for the animals.
Even go to jail she says.


  1. Jackie, I was reading the Memphis Commercial Appeal like I do every morning over coffee. But this morning one particular picture and "Naked Truth" title caught my eye. When I saw the name of the PETA volunteer from Seattle, I smiled knowing it was your daughter. After all, your last name is quite unusual. Shy or not, she's one beautiful young lady who's not afraid to show her opinion on this issue. You and Ted raised one spunky daughter. Hugs, Sandy

  2. LOL Sandy thats funny that you knew it was Amber. :-) Today she is a tiger in a cage in Tupelo.

  3. Wish there were more like your daughter. You must be very proud of her.

  4. Hey Jackie!

    Will Amber be in West Virginia? If so, I will try to go and meet her. I'm afraid that if I was the one doing the protesting like her it would scare people away! lol True.... Sigh....


  5. Angela... she comes home after Montgomery tomorrow night around midnight. I can't wait. I support her but man I'm a nervous wreck especially when I got the text message today that the police were going to arrest her in Birmingham. :-(