Thursday, March 4

Bamboo Garden

Chris & I went and met Amber for lunch.
A Vegan Chinese Restaurant.

Bamboo Garden
364 Roy Street

I had never been there before,
but Amber eats there all the time.

I ordered the lunch combination!
LOOK at the portions!!! OMG!

It was amazing for "faux" meats.
I especially loved the almond breaded "chicken."
I can't wait to go back and take Ted.

Chris was being sarcastic!
He keeps saying, baby steps
when we have him try new food.
&&& Whats really funny,
Amber and I barely could eat a 1/4 of our food
and Chris cleared his plate!

I loved my fortune,
because it is so very true. ❥


  1. Just gone through your blog and found it superyummy with wonderful picture of tempting dishes. Keep on posting.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - never been to Bamboo Garden? OH NO!!! There's so many awesome places in and around Seattle though, I can see how it might get overlooked!!

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