Saturday, March 20

Daiya Cheese

I first heard about this cheese on twitter. I am sure Amber has talked about it but I probably let it go in one ear and out the other. So when I read a tweet that Sidecar for Pigs Peace had Daiya in stock, I went the next day to buy some which is a good thing because shortly after they were sold out. I know this because I went back to buy the white version for lasagna. Any who... I put the cheese in the freezer because I wasn't in the mood for cheese. I read blogs, articles and comments that what non dairy eaters miss most is cheese. Well I am not a cheese girl. I can live without it. However my mom and husband are cheese fanatics! For example my husbands most favorite meal: tomato soup and grilled cheese. His second: a plate of sliced cheese and a box of crackers. I am so not kidding! When we go grocery shopping, he immediately gets his favorite cheeses and will peruse for new imported cheeses. I am sure his addiction to cheese equals mine for chocolate.

Any way . . . I put the Daiya cheese in the freezer. And week after week Amber would say, "You havn't made anything with the cheese yet?" I would shrug my shoulders and say, "No I am not really in the cheese mood."

Well.... my little old dog got sick this past week. And its been a very hard week and all I have been wanting to eat is comfort food. The other night I told Ted and our roommate Chris, I want mashed potatoes for dinner. And that is what I made. A huge ass pot of mashed potatoes. I mean HUGE! I ate on it for dinner, snack and breakfast and I think lunch the next day too. The day I made the decision that our little dog needed to be put to sleep the next day. I took one of the packages of Daiya cheese out of the freezer to thaw. It was time for more comfort food.

The following day (yesterday) we had our little dog put to sleep and we buried her. A little while later, I got out the cheese and grated it and took out all the fixings for nachos. We ate nachos for dinner, then today I wanted to experiment more with the cheese so tried it in a quesadilla and the peace de la resitance - grilled cheese. HUBBY COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT TASTE!!!

So for the reason of this post........... VEGAN NON DAIRY DAIYA CHEESE is
AWESOME!!!! It melts like real cheese! To me it taste kind of like that spray cheese in a can. So maybe just maybe I will become a cheese eater now too with this wonderful product. I am still hoping that some white Daiya comes in stock so I can try it in lasagna. I don't think there is anything more comforting than lasagna.

Sidecar for Pigs Peace

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  1. Ha, I love me some mashed potatoes for some good comforting stuff too. I'm going to write down the name of the cheese and look for it at Central Market next week.
    I'm so sorry about Jody.