Tuesday, March 30

♥ Jenny & Aaron ♥

Sorry Mary E,
I have begun replacing my
beloved red, black, cherries & scotties
to pink, aqua & cupcakes via Jenny & Aaron.

(One side of dining room wall
the other side is still Mary E
as in Engelbreit.)

Before was a cherry wreath
under the plate shelf
that had Mary E plates,
and a long black framed picture of
Mary E cards, cross stitch & her autograph.

The kitchen/dining tree use to be red ribbons,
Mary E yellow stars, cherries & scotties.

I have more Jenny & Aaron
through out the house.
More pictures later.
I just love their theme of
"Everyday is a Holiday."

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Jenny & Aaron's artwork on Etsy
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  1. Love what you did, I especially love the colors..and that tree, so cute!

  2. Thanks Susan. I love it too. :-)