Wednesday, March 10

Pizza Pi

5500 University Way NE

Ted took the day off, so we headed for errands, Mighty-O donuts and then met Amber for lunch at Pizza Pi. Ted and I have never been there before but Amber is a long time customer. That girl gets recognized and remembered where ever we go. It either a. her animal rights events & demos or b. she spends a lot of money on going out to eat! I think its more the later.

If fancy, waited on atmosphere is what your looking for then this
isn't the place for you. To go to the bathroom you have to follow a yellow line that takes you right through the center of the kitchen to a back room by the dish washing stations. You go up to the counter to order. The food is delivered to your table and you bus your own tables.

If good vegan food is what you are looking for then this
is the place for you! Oh My Goodness. What a yummy delight! If you think dairy cheese is what makes a pizza than you are in for a big time surprise!!!

We ordered Cheesestix w/ extra garlic sauce
3 small pizzas & drinks = $38

This was my pizza:
The Olive Lovers
Spinach & Artichoke Sauce
Green Olives, Black Olives & Kalamata Olives
This is the best pizza I have ever eaten!

This was Ted's pizza:
Phoni-Pepperoni Pizza
Marinara sauce, pepperoni,
black olives, bell peppers & mushrooms
"Minus the mushrooms for Ted"

He loved it!

Amber's pizza was:
The Rainy Day Pizza
White garlic sauce, sundried tomatoes,
pineapple, spinach & grilled onions
She opted for the gluten free crust
and she said it was the best gluten
free crust she has eaten.

What a meal! :-)

We could only eat 3 pieces each.
Very filling & now we have leftovers for later.


  1. What is the cheese made from? Any kind of non-dairy cheese I've ever eaten has tasted like rubber with absolutely no flavor at all!

  2. I don't know... it was very creamy. Vegan products have changed drastically in the past few years. Like for example... I cannot tell a difference in the tofutti sour cream and daisy sour cream. And I made potato salad the other day using vegenaise for the first time and I was a little worried because I loved my best foods and I couldn't tell a difference either!!! I have been doing this now a month & a half and I don't feel like I am missing anything. Its been really great! I have done this before... vegetarian when Amber was in grade school, vegan when she was in middle school. Each time for a year. So I am curious to see how long it will last this time. :-)

  3. MMM! The pizza looks so good, I think I would go for the one with the olives.

  4. Jackie, do you feel better physically when you eat vegan, or do you do it because of how you feel about animals, etc? I really stuggle sometimes with the whole thing...been buying different things (like cage free chicken and eggs, etc) but not sure about how far I'd like to go with it...know what I mean? feeling better would definitely be a nice thing too....

  5. Andrea sending a personal email... because its kind of TMI & I might scare readers. HAHA :-)