Friday, April 30

Valentine Kit

I am a little late in posting this,
but I wanted to share a favorite
seller on
Brandywine Designs

She makes up the most
darling kits for sale.

This one was for Valentines Day.
And before I made a Christmas one.
I have a Halloween one, I havn't started yet.

They are so fun and relaxing.
All you supply is the paint, glue and some time.



Give & Take

In marriage there is give & take.
I'm not going to lie . . .
I mostly take! :-)

So I had to give this time...
Ted had won a tv!
He knew he would win the tv.
He told me everyday he would win
and where he would put it.
I of course didn't think it would
happen & didn't worry about it.

The drawing was at a tire shop
that Ted does business with.
Every time someone referred a customer
to the tire shop, your name would
be entered in the drawing.
He just knew he would win,
he said it everyday.
He would even visit the tire shop
and say to the employees,
"just checking on my tv."

So when the call came in that he won,
he wasn't even surprised.
I on the other hand took a big gulp!
I like my stuff!
I love my girly stuff.
And its not like our house isn't full of TVS!!!
Our down, down living area is where
we watch TV. Its HUGE!
We really didn't need this new tv
in my upper living room. :-/

So I gave in,
I didn't even moan to him.
I love him. I love him so much.
He was just so excited.
Does it look cute?
No. Ugh.
Its an eye sore.
But like I said,
I love him and I guess his new TV.

Before, the cuteness

After, the eye sore, complete w/ Jerry Springer - ugh!
I'm trying my best to hide the cords
with my twinkle lights.

So I moved things around
and changed up my main wall
to try and compensate

Isn't the artwork from
Jenny Heid just the best?
I love, love, love it!!!
If I lived in New Jersey
I would hire her & Aaron to
come do a mural for me.
Plus be at their apartment 24-7
helping & learning
She knows this,
because I have told her so many times.

Thursday, April 29

WooHoo! Pic of Amber's cupcakes in VegNews!

On pg 40 of the June 2010 issue
of Veg News Magazine
you can see a picture
of Amber's cupcakes!!!
(middle picture #2
you can see the pink frosting
near bottom of flowers on cake)

She had made them for a wedding.
They are around the wedding cake.
They were chocolate raspberry.
She had also made lemon.

The bride is the owner of the
Chocolate Shoebox in Seattle, WA.

Tuesday, April 27

Bake Sale Photos

Pictures from the Bake Sale... sharing because Amber is in quite a few of the pictures... can you spot her cupcakes? :-)

Sunday, April 25


Please tell every dog or cat owner you know.

Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do. Over the weekend, the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden. The dogs loved the way it smelled and it was advertised to keep cats away from their garden. Their dog (Calypso) decided the mulch smelled good enough to eat and devoured a large helping. She vomited a few times which was typical when she eats something new but wasn't acting lethargic in any way. The next day, Mom woke up and took Calypso out for her morning walk. Halfway through the walk, she had a seizure and died instantly.
Although the mulch had NO warnings printed on the label, upon further investigation on the company's web site,
This product is HIGHLY toxic to dogs and cats.

Cocoa Mulch is manufactured by Hershey's, and they claim that "It is true that studies have shown that 50% of the dogs that eat Cocoa Mulch can suffer physical harm to a variety of degrees (depending on each individual dog).
However, 98% of all dogs won't eat it."

Snopes site gives the following information:

Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other garden supply stores contains a lethal ingredient called 'Theobromine'. It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and die. Several deaths already occurred in the last 2-3 weeks.

Theobromine is in all chocolate, especially dark or baker's chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Cocoa bean shells contain potentially toxic quantities of theobromine, a xanthine compound similar in effects to caffeine and theophylline. A dog that ingested a lethal quantity of garden mulch made from cacao bean shells developed severe convulsions and died 17 hours later. Analysis of the stomach contents and the ingested cacao bean shells revealed the presence of lethal amounts of theobromine.

Amber @ Shrine Circus

Amber at the Shrine Circus
April 23, Kent WA

Shrine Circus Animal Cruelty

Want to cut down on your meat intake?

What a GREAT video....

Want to cut down on your meat?
Baby Steps

Vegan Bake Sale

What a great excuse to try some yummy desserts.
Sidecar for Pigs Peace
Vegan Bake Sale
100% going to the Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Amber took 2 dozen cupcakes
Vanilla Almond
& Almond Mocha Chocolate
Which were all sold out by yesterday afternoon
She had to work, but went by there after work
and saw Edgar, the piglet that was one of the rescues
that lives on the Sanctuary.

His story is, his owners decided he wasn't the house pig
for them, they couldn't walk him, since he had a leg injury
so they took him to the sanctuary.
Edgar is a pot bellied pig.

Amber texted me what would I want,
I said, COOKIES!!! Chewy cookies we can have w/ tea.
So she bought an assortment of cookies
all lovingly donated by folks.
The best one was a Lavender Chocolate Chip.
My lifes mission is going to be to find out who made them
and what the recipe is.
I have never had a more delightful cookie. Mmm

The sale is still going on today,
so if you live near Seattle.... GO! :-)

Have a GREAT Sunday!!!

Friday, April 16

Amber's Pancakes Part 3

✩ Top Ten iPad Apps✩

My top ten iPad apps
based on how often I use it.

Free download
I LOVE this App!
Its doodling w/ your finger.
I am constantly making pictures
of whats going on around me.
Its become a visual doodle journal in my Photos.

2. GodFinger
Free download
This game is AWESOME!!!
You are God
and you direct your humble
servants to do what you want,
whether its worship, harvest or work.
You also can decorate your planet
as it evolves through the centuries.

3. Netflix
Free download
If you already have an account,
you just click & immediately
the movie or tv show of your choice starts playing.

4. Zinio
Free download
If you already have an account,
your magazines are all there ready to
be thumbed through.
(& looks better than on your computer.)

5. USA Today
Free download
It's amazing.
It's like a moving newspaper.
I love this!!!

6. Wikipanion
Free download
Love wikipedia?
Same thing, just easier to use.

7. Calendar
Included w/ iPad
OMG! I wish our mac version
was as cool! I love the layout/look better.

8. ABC Player
Free download
Miss your favorite abc shows?
Just click, choose & watch.

9. iBooks
Free download
I was surprised this wasn't
already downloaded and set up for
the iPad user, considering this is what
the iPad was/is marketing at - books.
Let me just say,

which brings me to . . .
10. Kindle
Free Download
All your kindle books you have
downloaded are there.
Just compare the iPad to your Kindle,
side by side opened to the book of your choice.
It's seriously night & day!
The books on the iPad are sharp, clear,
bold, inspiring, and to turn the pages,
its just a swipe of the finger.

Don't think you need an iPad???
Don't be like me...
I wasn't going to get one.
I felt I already had the Kindle
and I did not need another useless
gadget to collect dust.
After reading a review by CNN
I knew I wanted one...
I had never thought about books in color.
Cookbooks would be awesome!
And w/ the iPad dock or cover (sold separately)
the iPad sets up by itself and you just glance over
to see your recipe.
Which I have done about 5 times now.

I am in love...
I want to have babies with it.
It blows my iPhone away, it runs circles around
everything I have ever used before including my

And don't even get me started on how
the iPad is a digital photo frame!!!
Just click the picture icon & walk away
and your pictures are bouncing across
the screen in color and its *sigh* gorgeous.

Yes I have one.
Just one.
It's a small request.
Not to major . . .
You don't realize how many websites
and/or games use Flash.
I read Apple left it out because Flash sucks up
the battery. The iPad as of now can go for 10 hours
w/ out a charge.

Wednesday, April 14

Chickpea Cutlets

All I can say about this recipe is YUMMERS!!!
I made the mashed potatoes, corn & gravy
(made w/ soy milk)
and Amber made the cutlets
from the cookbook:

If you liked chicken fried steak,
this will hit the spot! Mmm

Chickpea "Garbanzo Beans" Cutlets

1 cup chickpeas
2 Tbs olive oil
1/2 cup vital wheat gluten
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup water
2 Tbs soy sauce
2 cloves garlic, pressed
1/2 tsp. lemon zest (we didn't add this)
1/2 tsp. thyme
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/4 tsp. sage

extra olive oil for frying

Mash the chickpeas & olive oil together.
Add in rest of ingredients
and knead for 3 minutes.

Then make patties and fry in olive oil
for 6-7 minutes on each side.


Sunday, April 11

Amber's Pancakes Part 2

Amber's Pancakes

Amber works at a vegetarian restaurant.
On Sundays she always gets creative with
the kids pancakes orders.
She said she was in an Aquatic mood.
I asked her if shes just ladling the batter
on the grill or what, and she says,
she puts the batter in a squirt bottle.
Like the kind you use for condiments.

Can you just imagine the kids faces
upon receiving?

The waiter usually adds fruit
and finishes them up.
Amber told me though,
she wishes the waiters would
leave them plain.


Jelly Fish



Last Easter Sunday she made this: