Friday, April 30

Give & Take

In marriage there is give & take.
I'm not going to lie . . .
I mostly take! :-)

So I had to give this time...
Ted had won a tv!
He knew he would win the tv.
He told me everyday he would win
and where he would put it.
I of course didn't think it would
happen & didn't worry about it.

The drawing was at a tire shop
that Ted does business with.
Every time someone referred a customer
to the tire shop, your name would
be entered in the drawing.
He just knew he would win,
he said it everyday.
He would even visit the tire shop
and say to the employees,
"just checking on my tv."

So when the call came in that he won,
he wasn't even surprised.
I on the other hand took a big gulp!
I like my stuff!
I love my girly stuff.
And its not like our house isn't full of TVS!!!
Our down, down living area is where
we watch TV. Its HUGE!
We really didn't need this new tv
in my upper living room. :-/

So I gave in,
I didn't even moan to him.
I love him. I love him so much.
He was just so excited.
Does it look cute?
No. Ugh.
Its an eye sore.
But like I said,
I love him and I guess his new TV.

Before, the cuteness

After, the eye sore, complete w/ Jerry Springer - ugh!
I'm trying my best to hide the cords
with my twinkle lights.

So I moved things around
and changed up my main wall
to try and compensate

Isn't the artwork from
Jenny Heid just the best?
I love, love, love it!!!
If I lived in New Jersey
I would hire her & Aaron to
come do a mural for me.
Plus be at their apartment 24-7
helping & learning
She knows this,
because I have told her so many times.

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