Sunday, April 25

Vegan Bake Sale

What a great excuse to try some yummy desserts.
Sidecar for Pigs Peace
Vegan Bake Sale
100% going to the Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Amber took 2 dozen cupcakes
Vanilla Almond
& Almond Mocha Chocolate
Which were all sold out by yesterday afternoon
She had to work, but went by there after work
and saw Edgar, the piglet that was one of the rescues
that lives on the Sanctuary.

His story is, his owners decided he wasn't the house pig
for them, they couldn't walk him, since he had a leg injury
so they took him to the sanctuary.
Edgar is a pot bellied pig.

Amber texted me what would I want,
I said, COOKIES!!! Chewy cookies we can have w/ tea.
So she bought an assortment of cookies
all lovingly donated by folks.
The best one was a Lavender Chocolate Chip.
My lifes mission is going to be to find out who made them
and what the recipe is.
I have never had a more delightful cookie. Mmm

The sale is still going on today,
so if you live near Seattle.... GO! :-)

Have a GREAT Sunday!!!

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