Wednesday, June 30

Vintage Trailer


Remember when I posted a long time ago,
might have been before I deleted all the posts that time
that there was this vintage trailer down the street for $75
and I begged & begged my husband
and right when he was giving in,
he saw it being towed down the street
to a neighbors house?
They had bought it, and I was tortured on my daily walks
at looking at my almost trailer.
turns out the neighbor works at one of hubbies accounts
and hubby had told him all about my wanting it
and yesterday he told hubby I could have it for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!
They have already been working on it,
and the only reason they don't want it now
is their son has one that he needs to store at their
house and they don't have room for both!

I'm speechless!!!
Pictures soon!
Now of course this will be a many months long
project. :-)

I can't decide if I'm going to
do red & cherries
or pink & aqua.
Probably red
since I have been replacing
red in my house w/
pink & aqua.
I'm so EXCITED!!!!

I need to join a vintage trailer camping club


Thursday, June 24

New Foster Dog

We have a new foster dog.
I am beyond sad & heart broken for this dog.
We are either #4 or #5 foster home.
She was scheduled to be put to sleep at the end of June.
She is very aggressive.

What really upsets me...
is the first foster home & her vet came to the conclusion
that her detached cataract was causing her to "seeing things."
Causing the aggression.
And after much consideration removed her eye.

Was another vet consulted at all?
How about taping up her eye w/ a patch
for a week or two to check your theory?

Every time I think about this,
my eyes get filled w/ tears and
my heart feels like its going to burst!

I am not going to give up on this dog.
If need be, she will stay w/ me forever.

What's Amber been up to?

She's on another PETA tour

Portland Oregon
Spokane Washington
Vancouver BC
Eugene Oregon

(amazing paint job,
I think she needs like a skull cap
to cover her hair w/ same design)

(on left)

Thursday, June 10

love, love, love

While browsing on, I tend to do that
from time to time. It's my old shopping stomping
ground from when Suzanne Somers products use
to be sold there... I came upon this:

Not knowing the scent but loving the fabulous bag
and all that came with it,
I ordered one for me, and one for my mom.

It smells sooooooooooo wonderful!!!
Its berries & sugar meets vanilla & honeysuckle.
Its wonderfully sweet.

My mom was giggly as a school girl when I
presented her w/ her bag full of goodies.
I also got us this:
So we could have a matching cosmetic case
inside our bags.

So if you see this perfume at your local drug store,
try a spray. It's like wearing a dessert. :-)

Monday, June 7

Amber Seattle PETA Shower Demo

Watch news video here:

And in fact, they did have a permit,
and the demo was just from noon to 1pm.
So they did not leave early.

Amber was not scheduled to do this.
She was asked last minute because the original volunteer
backed out at the last minute.
It can be very intimidating to do this.
So no grudges to the volunteer, maybe next time.

Amber did however volunteer for the shower demo
at the PETA demo at green fest at the Convention center
on Sunday.

Amber would love the whole world to go Vegan. ♥