Thursday, June 10

love, love, love

While browsing on, I tend to do that
from time to time. It's my old shopping stomping
ground from when Suzanne Somers products use
to be sold there... I came upon this:

Not knowing the scent but loving the fabulous bag
and all that came with it,
I ordered one for me, and one for my mom.

It smells sooooooooooo wonderful!!!
Its berries & sugar meets vanilla & honeysuckle.
Its wonderfully sweet.

My mom was giggly as a school girl when I
presented her w/ her bag full of goodies.
I also got us this:
So we could have a matching cosmetic case
inside our bags.

So if you see this perfume at your local drug store,
try a spray. It's like wearing a dessert. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the heads up on HSN.
    Victoria wants this. We smelled it in Ulta last week.Yummmy!
    I may get it for her birthday next month.