Thursday, June 24

New Foster Dog

We have a new foster dog.
I am beyond sad & heart broken for this dog.
We are either #4 or #5 foster home.
She was scheduled to be put to sleep at the end of June.
She is very aggressive.

What really upsets me...
is the first foster home & her vet came to the conclusion
that her detached cataract was causing her to "seeing things."
Causing the aggression.
And after much consideration removed her eye.

Was another vet consulted at all?
How about taping up her eye w/ a patch
for a week or two to check your theory?

Every time I think about this,
my eyes get filled w/ tears and
my heart feels like its going to burst!

I am not going to give up on this dog.
If need be, she will stay w/ me forever.


  1. Bless you Jackie for giving this poor dog a loving home.

  2. My heart breaks when I read things like this. Terrible how some just give up.