Wednesday, June 30

Vintage Trailer


Remember when I posted a long time ago,
might have been before I deleted all the posts that time
that there was this vintage trailer down the street for $75
and I begged & begged my husband
and right when he was giving in,
he saw it being towed down the street
to a neighbors house?
They had bought it, and I was tortured on my daily walks
at looking at my almost trailer.
turns out the neighbor works at one of hubbies accounts
and hubby had told him all about my wanting it
and yesterday he told hubby I could have it for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!
They have already been working on it,
and the only reason they don't want it now
is their son has one that he needs to store at their
house and they don't have room for both!

I'm speechless!!!
Pictures soon!
Now of course this will be a many months long
project. :-)

I can't decide if I'm going to
do red & cherries
or pink & aqua.
Probably red
since I have been replacing
red in my house w/
pink & aqua.
I'm so EXCITED!!!!

I need to join a vintage trailer camping club



  1. Yes, I remember when you posted about it before and I'm thrilled for you that it's finally yours!! Can't wait to see the pictures! Please blog about the redo and decorating!! So happy :)

  2. I'm sharing your excitement, Jackie. Sounds like your hubby looks out for you. Hope you both enjoy the redo and future camping excursions.


  3. How exciting for you Jackie!! :)
    ..strings..just last night I was looking at a vintage trailer blog
    ..can't wait to see your redo!