Saturday, July 31

Nutritional Yeast

What is it?
I'm not quite sure.
Never heard of it.
Most likely not.
Why are you blogging about it?
Because I'm addicted to it.
Your weird.
I know. *sigh*

Amber has been eating
Nutritional Yeast for years!
She would make a nice looking meal
then cover it with this yellow stuff
and say, "Wanna Bite?"
After holding down a gag,
Chris and I would mercilessly make fun of her.

Well, I don't know what happened.
Slowly but surely I started putting
it on my food and LOVING it!
I cover my popcorn w/ it,
sprinkle it on pasta,
shake it on salads, etc...

What happened?
What is it exactly?
And why do I like it?
So we are going to learn together
as I google & put it on my blog for reference.

Wikipedia says:

"Nutritional yeast, similar to brewer's yeast, is a deactivated yeast, usually Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is popular with vegans and vegetarians and may be used as an ingredient in recipes or as a condiment. Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing the yeast with a mixture of sugarcane and beet molasses, then harvesting, washing, drying and packaging the yeast. It is commercially available in the form of flakes, or as a yellow powder similar in texture to cornmeal, and can be found in the bulk aisle of most natural food stores.

It is a source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low in fat and sodium. Some brands of nutritional yeast, though not all, are fortified with vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 is produced separately from bacteria and then added to the yeast.

Nutritional yeast has a strong flavor that is described as nutty, cheesy, or creamy, which makes it popular as an ingredient in cheese substitutes. It is often used by vegans in place of parmesan cheese. Another popular use is as a topping for popcorn. It can also be used in mashed and fried potatoes, as well as putting it into scrambled tofu or eggs. Some movie theaters offer it along with salt or cayenne pepper as a popcorn condiment."

I am not sure if mine is Vit-B Fortified. I buy it in the do it yourself bins at the grocery store. Otherwise its really expensive & comes in this HUGE container. So I buy a small bag worth and pour it in a cute reused red checked lid jelly jar. I know I need Vit-B, which is only found from eating animals. Otherwise you can become anemic. So, pass the nutritional yeast please! :-) It's a good thing I love it! :-)

P.S. I do drink a Vit-B fortified Soymilk

P.S.S. Those with a Candida problem should avoid Nutritional yeast.

P.S.S.S. &&& theres always a Vit-B supplement

Friday, July 30

Tiny House

Could you live in a tiny house?

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Vegan Friday Fun

For all you animal rights Seattle-ites
there is a Bike Scavenger Hunt
tonight meeting at GasWorks park at 6:30pm
Amber is donating vegan cupcakes!!! :-)

Chelsea Clintons wedding menu: VEGAN!!! w/ a Gluten Free Cake
I didn't know Chelsea had been
vegan since she was a little girl.

Oreo Cookie Soap
How fun would these be
in a guest bathroom?

Buy now & tuck away for Christmas
for that hard to shop for person!

(clicking cookie pic, takes you to Etsy)

Yum! Have a Friday night cookout!
(leave off the cheese)
Smoky Baby Portobello Sliders
8 baby portobello mushrooms, stems removed
3 Tbs. olive oil, divided
2 Tbs. Classic BBQ Rub
(click rub for recipe)
2 medium yellow or white onions, thinly sliced
1 tsp. herbes de Provence
1/2 cup prepared barbecue sauce
8 mini challah rolls or dinner rolls

Toss mushrooms in bowl with 1 Tbs. olive oil and Classic BBQ Rub. Set aside.

Heat remaining 2 Tbs. oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add onions and herbes de Provence, and cook 30 minutes, or until golden, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, and season with salt and pepper, if desired.

Heat grill or grill topper over medium-high heat. Rub grate or grill topper with vegetable oil. Place mushrooms stem-side down on grill. Brush mushroom tops with barbecue sauce, and grill 3 to 4 minutes, or until soft and charred around the edges. Flip, and grill 3 minutes more. Divide cheese among mushrooms, placing in center of each stem side. Grill 1 minute more, or until cheese is melted.

Meanwhile, warm buns on grill. Spread barbecue sauce on bottom buns, then top each with 1 mushroom, sautéed onions, and top bun.

For dessert:
Vegan Lemon Sorbet
2 cups sugar
2 cups non-dairy milk
1 ½ cups fresh lemon juice (or juice of about 6 lemons)
1 Tablespoon grated lemon zest if desired

In a medium saucepan, whisk sugar and non-dairy milk under medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Cool completely in the refrigerator.

Whisk in lemon juice and lemon zest. Pour into an ice cream maker and mix for 30-40 minutes. If desired, transfer sorbet into an airtight container and place in the freezer for 2 hours or until firm. Enjoy.
Makes Eight, ½ cup servings.

Lemon Slushie
To each glass:
Scoop of Vegan Lemon Sorbet
shot of icy vodka
1/ cup tonic water

Thursday, July 29

A Dust Ruffle

My mom and I were talking the other day and she was asking if a dust ruffle kept dust from under your bed? And I replied with, "NOOOOOO I have a dust ruffle and I always have lots of dust under there."

I'm not talking a little dust. I'm talking huge ass dust clumps! It's like a dust rodeo going on with little dust cowboy hats being thrown under my bed. Last night I thought I heard the national anthem.

So it got me thinking... why are they called a Dust Ruffle if dust still gets under the bed?

Well according to my googling... it was made to keep dust from getting under the bed! :-O Well... I call FOUL! Or I have always had lazy dust ruffles in my lifetime that need to be fired, every single one of them!

Isn't it basically just for decoration so you aren't just looking at the sides of your box spring? I think, YES! I also think depending on where you originate it depends on whether you call it a dust ruffle or a bed skirt. I am thinking southerners say dust ruffle and northeners say bed skirt. I could be wrong.

I read a report this morning that they are now saying box springs could be giving women breast cancer! I mean really what ISN'T giving us women breast cancer?!?!? Read about it -----> HERE. I am just not going to give it a second thought. Ugh!

I like this straight lined style
better than one with lots
of pleats & gathers.

I have a Longaberger one on my bed now
that matched the Botanical Fields fabric.
It's soooooo old!!!
Maybe that's why it's letting the dust in?
It needs to be retired.

I need a new bedding set.

ME Fan Fare

A new Mary Engelbreit cookbook!!!
Coming Nov 2010
but available on pre-order
from Amazon!!! :-)

120 recipes
submitted by her fans!
I am sure mostly are made of "meat"... sigh

but there are GREAT "meat" substitutes out there!!!
Like for example...
Field Roast Sausages
I made spaghetti last night w/
the mexican chipotle
and it was the best!
I would be proud to take that to a
get together buffet & I bet no one
could tell the difference!

Here in This House

Sharing from my email,
Read it through, it should bring tears
to your eyes. Sniff Sniff

Here in this house... I will never know
the loneliness I hear in the
barks of the other dogs 'out there'.
I can sleep soundly, assured that when
I wake my world
will not have changed.

I will never know hunger,
or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat.
I will not shiver in the cold,
or grow weary from the heat.
I will feel the sun's heat, and the rain's coolness,
and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.
My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.

Here in this house... There will be an
effort to communicate with me on my level.
I will be talked to and, even if I don't understand,
I can enjoy the warmth of the words.
I will be given a name so that
I may know who I am among many.
My name will be used in joy,
and I will love the sound of it!

Here in this house... I will never be
a substitute for anything I am not.
I will never be used to improve
peoples' images of themselves.
I will be loved because I am who I am,
not someone's idea of who I should be.
I will never suffer for someone's
anger, impatience, or stupidity.
I will be taught all the things I
need to know to be loved by all.
If I do not learn my lessons well,
they will look to my teacher for blame.

Here in this house... I can trust arms
that hold, hands that touch...
knowing that, no matter what they do,
they do it for the good of me.
If I am ill, I will be doctored.
If scared, I will be calmed.
If sad, I will be cheered.
No matter what I look like, I will be
considered beautiful and known to be of value.

I will never be cast out because I am too
old, too ill, too unruly, or not cute enough.
My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.
I will learn that humans can almost,
sometimes, be as kind and as fair as dogs.

Here in this house...
I will belong. I will be home.

~ Author Unknown ~

And the reason this brought
tears to my eyes is because
of not only all the dogs & cats
sitting on death row at your local
animal shelter but of all the dogs
used in experiments.
The beagle is the most docile
used dog in laboratories and will live their
entire life in a cage with no love,
being used for experiments.

Google search: Beagle Experiments

Wednesday, July 28

~ Old Pictures ~

My dad's brother sent him
some pictures from my grandmothers
album, so I went over yesterday
afternoon and had a look. :-)
Here are a few:

"My dad, Larry when he was a baby
we look so alike its not even funny
& now my dad looks just like his
mother when she was older
so I know what I will look like.
My parents said, when I was little
my aunts would draw a moustache
above my lip because I looked
just like my dad and they would
all laugh."

"My great grandmother
Jennie May"

"My grandparents,
Lola May & Charlie"

Saturday, July 24

Art studio?

Guess where I am?
Sitting at the table in Connie!!! :-)

It's so calm and peaceful out here, well until hubby starts cussing.
He has just removed the cupboard above the sink, to repair and replace wood when he realized the whole ceiling is rotten! Over the years the rain just poured in and ran in between the aluminum and the ceiling wood. He says to me, "You know what this means don't you?" "The bathroom, everything on that side has to come out so I can replace the whole ceiling." I said, "Well, you did say you enjoyed tinkering with the trailer." Then I think I should not have said, "I think I'm going to bring all my scrap booking stuff out here to have an art studio since its so nice and bright out here with all the windows." Which I am sure you can guess what came out of his mouth next! :-O

Lookie! Lookie!

I have officially bought the 1st
item for Connie...

The milk glass jars & lids are original
new decals, they painted lids
& added new tin caddy.

Perfect for the trailer table... ♥

Love this!!!

Look at this:

This wonderful blogger:
"Glimpse of My World"
covered her vintage trailer seats
w/ oil cloth!

Is that a fabulous idea or what???
Adorably cute & I love the edging.

Friday, July 23

Amber got it!

My daughter got her dream job!

She got the call early this afternoon.
"When can she leave for her 3
weeks of training in Virginia?"
~ they asked.

She is beyond excited!!!
I knew she would get the job,
her enthusiasm, dedication & passion
for animal rights shows in every thing
that she does.

Salary & full benefits!
They would like her to move
to California at their new offices
but she can stay in Seattle.

Oh please, please, please
I hope they don't talk her into
moving. I completely support
her but you know what I mean.
She is my only child.
I really want her to stay here.
Sniff, Sniff
But if she does move away,
I will put my big girl panties on
and deal with it. It sure would
be Karma since I moved away
from my mom to Texas when
I was younger than she is for 9 years.

Thursday, July 22

Happy Unbirthday to Me!

Yes, I am a stick in the mud!
I'm just not a fan of my birthday,
every year I feel the same way.
Usually I will cave & go out to eat,
but this birthday I just didn't feel like it.

I wanted to stay home
do nothing
and have for dinner:

A grilled Daiya cheese sandwich
tomato soup
a rum & coke (w/ real sugary coca-cola)
& a vegan cake made by my daughter

I didn't want presents.
I said, "No presents!"

It was a perfect unbirthday! :-)

Wednesday, July 21


I knew what "her" name
would be before she got here.


After all that was the previous
owners name who gave us the
trailer. I think it's only
fitting. And I love that name,
It's very 50's & 60's! :-)

Once she is all painted,
Connie will be in red cursive
letters across the back.

Monday, July 19


Ted called & told me
someone at his work
told him about this place,
Ted is so excited
he practically jumped
out of my phone!!!

Singleton RV Salvage and Sales
383 Nelson Rd.
Rochester, WA
(360) 273-9566

"We are here just for you...Check with us before buying new!"

Sinks, fridges, stoves, lights, awnings, roof air, propane tanks, axles, body parts, doors, windows, jacks, and much more.

Open four days a week: Thur., Fri., Sat. and Sun.

trailer - day 3

Ted is very frustrated over not being able to get the fridge working. He took the panel off the outside of the trailer and was working on the fridge wires and noticed another mouse/rats nest sitting on top of the fridge which is directly underneath the floor of the pantry & chewed up flooring. Most likely... we will be removing the fridge and adding a modern one. Lowes has one for $139 and will fit like a glove. And its another TO DO item (replace the flooring where the fridge is.)

I am not exactly thrilled w/ this fridge.
Its to modern looking.
So I am not buying it right now.

Ted removed the stove vent/hood and painted it Red! It looks sooooo good! :-)
I am DEAD SET against propane running through the trailer. I don't like it. It's dangerous. Everything is to old. I'm not a "lets go camp in the middle of nowhere" kind of girl anywho. I am a campground plug into electricity kind of girl. I want to be with other campers not off on our own. Remember... I am a worry wort.

Besides the oven/stove is a rusted mess! So my idea is to completely take out the stove/oven and just have more counter top (with wood modifications of course) and then maybe install a mini microwave in the hole where the oven part was. Obviously we are doing our own thing and not trying to restore it as original. Besides according to the Sisters on the Fly book... when you paint the inside of your vintage trailer you depreciate it by $1,000 :-O - Well I don't care - the walls will be white, white, white!

this is for my mother
(whos concern of no propane
is that we would have no heat)
The heater was removed!
So the propane couldn't have heated the trailer anyway. We don't know why it was removed. But theres a big ol' empty space where it was suppose to be and they boarded up the hole where the heater was & suppose to be cabinet door (I wish we had that door! Grr!)

Ted took us to Camping World yesterday.
What a let down that was!
They didn't have crap-o-la.
It was more like a 7-11 for new fancy RV's.

And at Lowes I checked out the vintage replica formica. Now that I changed from aqua & white to red & white I am now at a formica dilemma. :-( Their red is actually in the orange family - no thank you! My red is a cherry/christmas/hot rod red.

In one of the pictures from either day 1 or 2,
you might have noticed a gag me, dollar store
cheap paper towel holder hanging under the counter
but invading the bed area. I said, "that has to go! pronto!"
Well... its a good thing!
Guess what was living inside the paper towel holder?
A brown recluse spider!
Ted who has no problem w/ spiders, freaked out!
He threw the holder outside and then
stomped the guy, and buried him in the gravel.
I mean what do you expect?
It was a closed up, all curtains drawn trailer sitting for years all quiet. The perfect spot for a brown recluse. I sure hope there isn't another. Eek!

Sunday, July 18

Trailer - day 2

Ted has been out working on the trailer. Our neighbor who is a welder came and looked at the trailer and said, "hey its a good project for you" and analyzed the rust. Ted also went to the worst rust areas and upon further investigation there is still solid metal underneath and it wont fall apart on us going down the road. Either that or he is just easing my mind. All morning... I thought as much as I like it, its just to much. This was a HUGE mistake.

But then.... in the late afternoon Ted asked me to come see....

I was like... WOW.... look how clean it is. It looked much better after he threw out those nasty ass curtains and bed cushions and cleaned everything. (I wasn't going to do anything until after having an expert check out the rust damage.)

Was that a smile? Was I smiling?
Yes! I'm getting excited again!!!

I was having a little trouble getting in and out of it w/ the broken step, so Ted also said, "I made you a step." Really? And just like that... I had this cute little wood step so I didn't worry about my bad left knee. Whee! Now I need to paint it red and put white polka dots all over it. :-)

That early evening he said,
"the electricity is fixed!
What? "No way!"
"Way," he said.

He also installed a voyager acdelco battery (chopped off the old battery clamps and put on eyelit connectors) for the 2 lights that work on battery only if your out camping w/out electricity. There is also 2 other wires, but hes not sure what they operate yet. He guesses the water tank pump but who knows? Its gone. So we can't figure that out yet.

He then replaced all the electrical tape twisting wiring w/ 3M butt connectors and crossed his fingers and plugged it up to power and viola' we had juice! All the power outlets work perfect! So I'm thinking... well who needs nasty ol' propane anyway... I can plug in a toaster oven, coffee maker, mini microwave, etc... WOOHOO!!! This day is getting better & better! :-)

Yesterday the windows would not open! He had been oiling them all day and by the evening all opened! :-)

Ted was so thrilled w/ the progress from just one day, he called Greg up to thank him again for the trailer! :-) He said, he loves working on it. :-)

Oh sure... we've got water damage and wood needs to be replaced... but hey one step at a time and today was a good step. Way to go Ted!

Ohhhh I can't wait until its my turn.
Paint & decorating.

I have decided no aqua.
White & Red w/ cherries.
Lots & lots of cherries!
I am a "Mary Engelbreit"
girl after all. :-)

Trailer home - day 1

I don't even know where to begin....
this is going to be one long ass blog entry.

In my head "fantasy"
all I thought about was the cute factor
of a vintage trailer!
And camping in a real bed and not on
the ground in a tent
(oh my aching back)
and peeing in a bucket at 3am because
I was to scared to walk in the dark
to the campground restrooms
or squat by a tree.

When Amber was little,
we camped all the time.
We were living in Texas then.
Good times, GREAT memories.
(I got really good at cooking on
our coleman stove.
Food taste
so much better camping.)

When we moved back to Washington
our camping stuff got stored at
Hubby's work & I was to afraid of
bears and being cold in the rain to
camp in the Northwest.
Eventually we sold and gave away all of
our camping gear.
My motto was, if it wasn't a motel or hotel
I'm not going.

Oh we tried the boat thing for awhile
inheriting a 1978 24' SeaRay which
was awesome until Ted got talked into
adding a marine fuel injection with
the new engine
($17,000 later
including replacing all the wood rot)
that was computerized and would never work right
and we constantly died on the water.
Nothing is more scary then having your boat
die coming into a dock and freaking out
that your going to run into another boat.
The boat & trailer weighed 7200lbs &
killed the brakes on our Jimmy 4x4
not once, but twice!
We were looking for moorage
but there is always a waiting list.

The boat sat for a few years and then we sold it AS IS.
(The guy who bought it, ended up getting rid of
it for the same problem & he was a boat ol' timer.)
We lost a few thousand on the whole ordeal
but for awhile we had GREAT fun "camping"
on the water. It had a galley & a bathroom.
We learned a lot & when we are older
and Ted is retired and we have less animals
we are going to get another boat someday.
There is nothing like boating
and being out on the water
Bob'n Along.
(Which was the name of our boat
because it was my step-dad Bob's boat.

Now we are going to go camping
in a trailer w/ a bed & toilet!
Yeah Lily
I had been looking at vintage trailers
for years... I wanted the one down the street
for sale and just crumbled when a neighbor
bought it. After all it was just $75.
It was cute and round and had such potential.
Well... that turned into a blessing
because the inside had been gutted, and needed
to be rebuilt.
I scoured craigslist nightly and everyone I wanted
sold immediately. Grr!
Then our dear friends Connie & Greg
whom have known me since I was a little girl
said we could have theirs!
For FREE!!!!
She was honest and said it needed a lot of work.
And to not thank her until I saw it.
They were always going to fix it up but just didn't
have the time.
They are operating a mom & pop grocery
store full time in Grayland, WA
right off the beach by a block.
Her blog --> Grayland Grocery

It is a 1969 Shasta Starflyte
She said it was 19' - Greg said it was 17'
Ted measured it & he got 15'
but he said, maybe its measured by the tongue.
Whatever that means? Tongue? Really?

After putting on new tires
Ted brought our new baby
home from the ocean.

ocean <- key word.

Oh Dear . . .

The trailer has been sitting
at the ocean for over 10 years
in the salty sea air.
Well we all know what happens?

Rust, rust, rust, rust
Oh my god!
Inside & out!
If its metal its rusty.
The trailer step is so bad
it crumbles when you touch it.

Okay.... deep breath here.
In my fearful brain...
all I can think about it
Going down the road and
it falls apart killing someone.

I said, Ted get the rust analyzed
by an expert BEFORE you do anything.
We need to know if this is even do-able!!!!

When we opened up the oven
and the pantry directly across
what did we find?
Rat or mouse nest
w/ chewed up wood everywhere!

At one time Greg said
they replaced the plywood walls
behind the aluminum paneling
so the metal trim that goes
around most of the windows
was not put back up.
(we just have to do that)
It's all still there.

We saw silver duct tape
running along the floor under the entry door.
I said, whats that for?
And Ted lifts it up
and what do we find?
a propane line.
Ted said, "the propane lines
have been jerry rigged."
Oh no! No No No No No
Are you serious?

I am now feeling light headed and
the thought of blowing to
smitherines is all thats filling my brain.

Greg had told Ted,
"there are some electrical problems"
Oh God!
Catching on fire is now filling in my head.
Problems is an understatement.
Nothing works. Period.

Why is the cabinet lower on that side.
Upon further inspection
there is water damage.
A lot of water damage.
The wood crumbles in your fingers
from the touch.

The stove & oven are rusted up.
The fridge is rusted and wont work.
The water tank is missing.
The "tongue" is so rusted
it can't hold propane tanks.

All I could think about was...
Everything I didn't want in a
trailer - it has!

I love the floor plan. :-)
Do I still want it?
it can just be a glorified tent.
I can get a port-a-potty
and we don't need electricity.
I cooked before on a coleman stove.
There is camp lanterns, etc...

It is going to be okay...
isn't it?


Worry Wart!

I am a worry wart. I am.
I was always a little bit of a worry wart
but as I have aged, I am really,
really, a worry wart.
I freak out about everything.
I go to bed at night numerous times because
I have to constantly get up and check doors, garage door,
are candles burning? Is anything left on?
Over and over again.
I don't want to... I HAVE to!

When we leave to go somewhere its the same thing.
Is the clothing iron unplugged?
Is my curling iron unplugged?
Did we count the dogs, are they all inside?
Amber, is anything on in your room?
I have even turned around a few miles
from my house to double check
because I am so sure something has been left on
and if my house burned down and killed
my fur-babies I would never forgive myself.
It drives poor Ted nuts!

It has become a problem.
I have thought about seeing a therapist.
It wasn't like this when I just had cats.
Isn't that weird?
But my dogs faces as I leave the house
kill me! Kills me!!! I feel guilt all the time.
It has gotten so bad,
that I choose to remain at home
on most occasions.
Which has turned me into
one of "those" women
that never leave the house!

Anywho.... this post in necessary
to explain about the "trailer"
in my next post.
So you can understand why
I fear the way that I do.

And P.S.
I am going to rotate the dogs,
taking them with us
when we camp, so
no dog feels slighted.
And my guilt factor
will remain nil.
I know its just me,
my feelings
and they love
my dog sitter.

Thursday, July 15


My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow. My trailer is coming tomorrow.

Hey guess what?

My trailer is coming tomorrow!!!

Sunday, July 11


Amber is going to hate this picture!
I saw it before she did,
she was tagged on facebook.

I like it though...
shes smiling through it all. :-)

"Leafleting against McCruelty at the McDonalds-sponsored Seattle Summer Fest.
Seattle - July 11, 2010"

McDonald's has refused to eliminate the worst abuses that its chickens suffer, including abuses during slaughter. This cruelty could be illegal if dogs or cats—or even pigs or cows—were the victims.


From a friend in my email, love it! Sharing! :-)

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years.
Any separation from you is likely to be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me

3. Place your trust in me.
It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don't be angry with me for long
and don't lock me up as punishment.
You have your work, your friends,
your entertainment, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me.
Even if I don't understand your words,
I do understand your voice
when speaking to me.

6. Be aware that however you treat me,
I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me,
before you strike me,
remember that I could hurt you,
and yet, I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being
lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself
if something might be bothering me.
Perhaps I'm not getting the right food,
I have been in the sun too long,
or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old.
You too, will grow old.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey,
go with me please.
Never say you can't bear to watch.
Don't make me face this alone.
Everything is easier for me if you are there,
because I love you so.

Enjoy and take good care of them.
Life would be a much duller,
less joyful experience without God's critters.

Coconut Water

I had been reading about the benefits of coconut water "natures natural gatorade" for some time now... and finally a few months ago, I bought a few just to try. I bought a plain & a pineapple flavored one. They sat in my fridge for several days until I had a horrible headache. It was severe, but not a migraine (I am an avid plain water drinker.) I went to sleep with the headache, woke up with the headache, and I thought well here goes nothing... So I tried my first coconut water. I had only drank it about 1/4 of the container down and my headache was gone! I mean gone!!!

Since then, I am a fanatic about coconut water! I drink them almost daily. I havn't had to take an advil for a headache in weeks! &&& they taste great! I especially love the pineapple, but as I type this I am sipping on a acai' & pomegranate one.

Buy one, try it.
It's amazing!

Thursday, July 8

How's Lola?

Lola is doing wonderfully!!!

Of course she is a highly aggressive dog
but she just doesn't attack for no reason.

Lola has sensitive feelings
(don't we all?)
if she gets growled at
or feels "hurt" by the other dogs,
that's when she growls and barks
back and wants to fight.

We have noticed in every situation
another dog started it.
Every single time.

Touching, petting, holding Lola
has gotten much better.
Before it was a matter of minutes
before she would growl,
then bite & have had enough.

She wants to be touched
so badly. She will come up
and nudge your hand to pet her.
And stand over your foot
just to be near you.

Imagine wanting to be touched
so bad, but being so scared
that you don't know what to do?

Now we can hold her up to 20
minutes before she feels uncomfortable.
I can even flip her over
and rub her belly.
Amazing progress!

I have figured out she was severely beaten
or traumatized some way
when she had an accident.
She is completely housebroken,
but I was sick last friday - sunday
and on friday night
I went to bed early
forgetting to take the dogs out.
So Saturday morning she had
an accident in her open x-pen.
I felt so bad,
that I was saying,
"Oh Lola, I am so sorry"
and cleaning it up.
Well while I was doing this
she was freaking out!!!
She was scream barking and
shaking so bad,
I thought she was going to have
a seizure.
I kept saying,
"It's okay. Your a good girl.
Lola is a good girl."

Later that same day
Teddy, our little boy
pisser (use to be foster dog)
hiked his leg on a dog blanket
but he never achieves his goal,
so it puddled on the floor.
Lola saw what had happened
and that scream barking started
again and she was shaking
Just the sight of pee
made her so upset
of the thought of getting hit
or whatever "they" did to
train her.


I also think she may have
stomach problems
which could cause grumpiness.

So as soon as I get her Canadian
vet records faxed to our vet,
she will go get checked out.

Amber & Lola
She adores Amber

☼ 95!!! ☼

Another record breaking
day in Seattle!!!
95 degrees
Old record:
87 degrees in 1985

Some Pacific Northwesterners
aren't able to handle it.
"We" have thick blood to protect
us from all the cold rainy days.

We have air conditioning
but I feel really bad for the senior
citizens that are struggling.

I got out the doggy wading pool,
Lola, our foster dog

Idiotic Statements

Have you heard?
The internet is dying, dead & is "completely over."
- Prince
Reason ---- In reference on why he does not want his music to be available via downloads.

Ending of information at your fingertips?
I don't think sooooooooo.

This reminds me of
"Nobody reads a book anymore."
- Steve Jobs
Reason---- doubting the success of Amazon's Kindle and since has changed his stance, since Apple created the iPad.

Saying idiotic comments doesn't win you any brownie points with fans & consumers.
Look at Tom Cruise. Will he ever live down his crazy tirade on the Oprah couch? Box office sales are answering no.
And now we have Mel Gibson who is getting worse every year with his racial slur outbursts. They are both great actors. But the things they say make them sound idiotic.

Back to Prince... he is after all a Jehovahs Witness.
The head of the organization, the WTBTS aka Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has made numerous statements for its followers to be careful of the internet. I remember in the beginning they discouraged internet use period. They have since calmed down a little bit and now just warn of the dangers. "Satan is lurking everywhere." Or what the actual fear is ---- information can be dangerous.

Is it dangerous? Or does the truth set you free?

Wednesday, July 7

☼ 90 ☼

Seattle broke a record!
90 degrees!!!
The last record was
88 degrees in 1953.

Amber took this picture
of the dogs outside this morning.
(From left to right:
Pickles, Teddy, Pepper Ann, Apple's butt)

These little pacific northwest
dogs can't handle the heat!
They love inside air conditioning.
Me too!!! :-)

It is sooooooooo nice
to finally have summer
here w/ no rain clouds!
Maybe my tomatoes
will actually grow.

Tuesday, July 6

Seattle Sunshine

We finally have Summer!!!
It was in the 80's today
it might even be in the 90's on Thursday!

Apple in the sun

Apple in the sun 2

The Dog Thief

We had to take Reeses,
our dachshund mix
to the vets to get her
cortisone shot
(she has skin problems)
and anyway....

On the way home we
detoured to avoid road construction
and came upon a very small chihuahua
at the edge of the road.
We pulled over to help
asking neighbors whos dog it is, etc...

After figuring out the exact house
(no one came to the door)
daughter & hubby helped
blocked the make shift plywood fence
so the chihuahua couldn't get out
and get run over.

As we were driving off
we saw the chihuahua scaling the fence
and back out near the road!

So we took the dog home.
He smelled so bad
that he had to have a bath.
Amber bathed him
and noticed his condition.
He was wearing a very tight
collar & after removal she noticed
his neck welted with raw red areas.
His ears were filthy & full of mites.
We also noticed he wasn't an adult
but still a puppy.
He had a great time playing
w/ little Nina' & Teddy
(both small chihuahuas.)

After several hours hubby & I
knew we had to take the dog back.
I was on the fence.
There were kids toys in the
front yard & I thought of these
poor kids crying over their lost dog.

So we got there
and AGAIN nobody was home
there was a candle burning inside.
One of those saints candles
you find at the grocery store.
Another of their neighbors were home
so we went to talk to them
and we were told....

None of the people speak english
so you can't communicate
with them without an interpreter.
And in the back yard is 2 shacks.
An older man lives in one of the shacks
and the dog lives with him
and is never allowed in the house.
The older man has no money
and the dog will never have shots,
or be neutered and is always in the busy street.
They don't care about the dog.

So I said,
"Are you telling me I shouldn't
have brought the dog back?"
And she shook her head yes
while shrugging her shoulders.
So she sat the dog on the ground
and the dog took off!!!
Well... she said it comes over
all the time to play with her dogs
so she would call me in the near future.

What a hard call. Argh!
What would you have done?
What should I do?