Wednesday, July 7

☼ 90 ☼

Seattle broke a record!
90 degrees!!!
The last record was
88 degrees in 1953.

Amber took this picture
of the dogs outside this morning.
(From left to right:
Pickles, Teddy, Pepper Ann, Apple's butt)

These little pacific northwest
dogs can't handle the heat!
They love inside air conditioning.
Me too!!! :-)

It is sooooooooo nice
to finally have summer
here w/ no rain clouds!
Maybe my tomatoes
will actually grow.

1 comment:

  1. such pretty doggies, all them smiling in that sunshine!
    our boys can't take the heat either. but that's well known about pugs, their little snouts don't give them much room to breathe and cool off. so they really dig the a/c and the tile floors to lay on after they go out to do their "bidness", lol!