Friday, July 23

Amber got it!

My daughter got her dream job!

She got the call early this afternoon.
"When can she leave for her 3
weeks of training in Virginia?"
~ they asked.

She is beyond excited!!!
I knew she would get the job,
her enthusiasm, dedication & passion
for animal rights shows in every thing
that she does.

Salary & full benefits!
They would like her to move
to California at their new offices
but she can stay in Seattle.

Oh please, please, please
I hope they don't talk her into
moving. I completely support
her but you know what I mean.
She is my only child.
I really want her to stay here.
Sniff, Sniff
But if she does move away,
I will put my big girl panties on
and deal with it. It sure would
be Karma since I moved away
from my mom to Texas when
I was younger than she is for 9 years.

1 comment:

  1. SO happy for Amber. And praying she doesn't move to Ca. :-( I know how close you are to her, she's your only baby!