Sunday, July 11

Coconut Water

I had been reading about the benefits of coconut water "natures natural gatorade" for some time now... and finally a few months ago, I bought a few just to try. I bought a plain & a pineapple flavored one. They sat in my fridge for several days until I had a horrible headache. It was severe, but not a migraine (I am an avid plain water drinker.) I went to sleep with the headache, woke up with the headache, and I thought well here goes nothing... So I tried my first coconut water. I had only drank it about 1/4 of the container down and my headache was gone! I mean gone!!!

Since then, I am a fanatic about coconut water! I drink them almost daily. I havn't had to take an advil for a headache in weeks! &&& they taste great! I especially love the pineapple, but as I type this I am sipping on a acai' & pomegranate one.

Buy one, try it.
It's amazing!

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