Tuesday, July 6

The Dog Thief

We had to take Reeses,
our dachshund mix
to the vets to get her
cortisone shot
(she has skin problems)
and anyway....

On the way home we
detoured to avoid road construction
and came upon a very small chihuahua
at the edge of the road.
We pulled over to help
asking neighbors whos dog it is, etc...

After figuring out the exact house
(no one came to the door)
daughter & hubby helped
blocked the make shift plywood fence
so the chihuahua couldn't get out
and get run over.

As we were driving off
we saw the chihuahua scaling the fence
and back out near the road!

So we took the dog home.
He smelled so bad
that he had to have a bath.
Amber bathed him
and noticed his condition.
He was wearing a very tight
collar & after removal she noticed
his neck welted with raw red areas.
His ears were filthy & full of mites.
We also noticed he wasn't an adult
but still a puppy.
He had a great time playing
w/ little Nina' & Teddy
(both small chihuahuas.)

After several hours hubby & I
knew we had to take the dog back.
I was on the fence.
There were kids toys in the
front yard & I thought of these
poor kids crying over their lost dog.

So we got there
and AGAIN nobody was home
there was a candle burning inside.
One of those saints candles
you find at the grocery store.
Another of their neighbors were home
so we went to talk to them
and we were told....

None of the people speak english
so you can't communicate
with them without an interpreter.
And in the back yard is 2 shacks.
An older man lives in one of the shacks
and the dog lives with him
and is never allowed in the house.
The older man has no money
and the dog will never have shots,
or be neutered and is always in the busy street.
They don't care about the dog.

So I said,
"Are you telling me I shouldn't
have brought the dog back?"
And she shook her head yes
while shrugging her shoulders.
So she sat the dog on the ground
and the dog took off!!!
Well... she said it comes over
all the time to play with her dogs
so she would call me in the near future.

What a hard call. Argh!
What would you have done?
What should I do?

1 comment:

  1. OMG...definitely a hard call but you're lookin' at a girl who took a cat from some people (including their children who were witnesses to the whole thing) because "someone" (one of their kids) had put it's eye out and it was infected and no one would take any responsibility for it or take it to the vet (the missing eye socket was a bloody mess and infected)....UGH! The cat was just wandering around outside in this condition, no one seemed to give a damn, yet when I picked him up and tried to take him to get help, all the sudden, it was their cat, yada yada. I got called every name in the book when I walked off with that cat, after telling them off of course, but it didn't bother me one bit.
    And yeah, I kinda get that from my mom, she's famous for taking abused dogs away from their "owners" and bringing them home with her, where they live to be 14-18 years, in perfect health for all the years she has them.
    ANYway....I say, if they call, go back for the dog. We may be crazy and end up with 27 dogs or cats, but hey, it's what we do, lol!