Thursday, July 29

A Dust Ruffle

My mom and I were talking the other day and she was asking if a dust ruffle kept dust from under your bed? And I replied with, "NOOOOOO I have a dust ruffle and I always have lots of dust under there."

I'm not talking a little dust. I'm talking huge ass dust clumps! It's like a dust rodeo going on with little dust cowboy hats being thrown under my bed. Last night I thought I heard the national anthem.

So it got me thinking... why are they called a Dust Ruffle if dust still gets under the bed?

Well according to my googling... it was made to keep dust from getting under the bed! :-O Well... I call FOUL! Or I have always had lazy dust ruffles in my lifetime that need to be fired, every single one of them!

Isn't it basically just for decoration so you aren't just looking at the sides of your box spring? I think, YES! I also think depending on where you originate it depends on whether you call it a dust ruffle or a bed skirt. I am thinking southerners say dust ruffle and northeners say bed skirt. I could be wrong.

I read a report this morning that they are now saying box springs could be giving women breast cancer! I mean really what ISN'T giving us women breast cancer?!?!? Read about it -----> HERE. I am just not going to give it a second thought. Ugh!

I like this straight lined style
better than one with lots
of pleats & gathers.

I have a Longaberger one on my bed now
that matched the Botanical Fields fabric.
It's soooooo old!!!
Maybe that's why it's letting the dust in?
It needs to be retired.

I need a new bedding set.


  1. Oh girl, you crack me up! LOL! I'm glad we're not the only ones with HUGE gigantic dust bunnies! Seriously out of control!

    And yep, I'm pretty sure it's a Southern thing to call it a dust ruffle...I've called ours that for years. Until we got some new bedding and saw that it was called a bed skirt...i'm like hmmmm! Who would've thunk it, lol!

  2. I thought it was called a dust ruffle because it HIDES the dust under the bed!

  3. LOL! You got that right Pam!!! :-)