Thursday, July 8

How's Lola?

Lola is doing wonderfully!!!

Of course she is a highly aggressive dog
but she just doesn't attack for no reason.

Lola has sensitive feelings
(don't we all?)
if she gets growled at
or feels "hurt" by the other dogs,
that's when she growls and barks
back and wants to fight.

We have noticed in every situation
another dog started it.
Every single time.

Touching, petting, holding Lola
has gotten much better.
Before it was a matter of minutes
before she would growl,
then bite & have had enough.

She wants to be touched
so badly. She will come up
and nudge your hand to pet her.
And stand over your foot
just to be near you.

Imagine wanting to be touched
so bad, but being so scared
that you don't know what to do?

Now we can hold her up to 20
minutes before she feels uncomfortable.
I can even flip her over
and rub her belly.
Amazing progress!

I have figured out she was severely beaten
or traumatized some way
when she had an accident.
She is completely housebroken,
but I was sick last friday - sunday
and on friday night
I went to bed early
forgetting to take the dogs out.
So Saturday morning she had
an accident in her open x-pen.
I felt so bad,
that I was saying,
"Oh Lola, I am so sorry"
and cleaning it up.
Well while I was doing this
she was freaking out!!!
She was scream barking and
shaking so bad,
I thought she was going to have
a seizure.
I kept saying,
"It's okay. Your a good girl.
Lola is a good girl."

Later that same day
Teddy, our little boy
pisser (use to be foster dog)
hiked his leg on a dog blanket
but he never achieves his goal,
so it puddled on the floor.
Lola saw what had happened
and that scream barking started
again and she was shaking
Just the sight of pee
made her so upset
of the thought of getting hit
or whatever "they" did to
train her.


I also think she may have
stomach problems
which could cause grumpiness.

So as soon as I get her Canadian
vet records faxed to our vet,
she will go get checked out.

Amber & Lola
She adores Amber


  1. Oh Jackie, she's just beautiful! I love her little eye, so pretty. I'd like to strangle the a**holes that had the other one taken out....ugh.
    I'm with you girl, NEVER hit a dog when they pee somewhere they're not supposed's never their fault, it's always, always our fault! That poor baby...she's just scared too death, thinking what will happen to her cause she had an accident... :( :( :( so sad.
    I'm just so happy that your family found her because she'll never live a better life than with you guys. That makes me happy.
    There are good people in this world, and you all are good people!
    Love you!

  2. ps. I think your blog is private now, right? that's why Bloglines isn't picking up your feed. Not sure how I can follow then...guess I'll just start checking for posts every day now so I don't get so far behing ;)