Monday, July 5

It's happening!!!


I have been searching craigslist like crazy,
found one I really liked for $3500 but Ted thought that was to high since it still needed improving.... and another for $950 but it needed a lot.
And one in Oregon I loved, but it was really vintage, and really small.
And 2 in California that were PERFECT, all restored and ready to go!!! But they were each around 10k.

So I was thinking about my friend who lives at the Ocean and that they see and get a lot of campers there and maybe she might see one for sale. So I facebooked her and asked her to keep a look out for a 60's vintage trailer to refurbish w/ no water damage or electrical issues. Well she said, she had a 1969 Shasta that we could have for free!!!

When I read that my mouth dropped open! :-O
We will be going to look at it soon!!!
&&& guess what?
It has a bathroom! :-)
She says its a 19'
her husband says its a 17'
I don't really care... I'm ecstatic!

It needs new tires to even move.
It is 2 hours away at the ocean.
It needs a new hot water heater & the fridge sometimes works.
Thieves used a crowbar to break into it, so there is some marks at the door and the thieves ran off w/ both propane tanks.
It will need TLC & then some.
My friend said, they wanted to fix it up
but neither had the time or energy.

Major dilemma -----> transportation
Hubby now wants to buy a truck.
Some friend of his knows a guy w/ a 1971 restored truck for sale.
Isn't it always the way it is w/ men?
Someone knows a guy.
Theres always some guy.
Who has to get rid of it cheaply because hes moving.

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  1. all have to say is this:

    GET TED THAT TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!