Monday, July 19


Ted called & told me
someone at his work
told him about this place,
Ted is so excited
he practically jumped
out of my phone!!!

Singleton RV Salvage and Sales
383 Nelson Rd.
Rochester, WA
(360) 273-9566

"We are here just for you...Check with us before buying new!"

Sinks, fridges, stoves, lights, awnings, roof air, propane tanks, axles, body parts, doors, windows, jacks, and much more.

Open four days a week: Thur., Fri., Sat. and Sun.


  1. omg, so exciting!! when are y'all going????

  2. Update on this place - hmph!
    Phone number disconnected!
    When you call information they have no listing.
    But when you google, it seems to still be in business. I however do not want to drive almost 2 hours to a place that may or may not be there.
    Know what I mean, jelly bean?


  3. MORE UPDATE!!!!!!
    Wife died
    Husband remarried
    then HE died.
    New wifey doesn't want business anymore
    soooooo she wont let anyone in there, has it locked up tight!
    She wants a buyer to buy it all & she wants nothing to do with it.

    So thats the scoop on that place!
    Dont waste your time going down there.