Monday, July 5

"Oh I am serious."

I just want to go camping right now!
Hubby says, "You don't like camping."
I'm like, "Yes I do."
He says, "No you don't. You like hotels."

Well maybe I do like hotels
but I can't wait to go camping
in my very own vintage trailer.
I will rotate the dogs so everyone gets
a chance at camping.
I already have a dog sitter lined up!
Thanks Mom - hehe :-)

I want a darling little percolator
to make coffee in.
Vintage melamine dishes.
Everything vintage.
I was telling our roomie Chris
how I will wear denim capris
& cute plaid shirts tied at the waist
w/ cute keds, like Lucy & Ethel wore.
And a vintage style swimsuit
w/ a floral bathing cap.
He about died!
He said, "You can't be serious!"

Oh I am serious.
Serious as a heart attack!
I am ready to get my
vintage camping groove on! :-)

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