Wednesday, July 28

~ Old Pictures ~

My dad's brother sent him
some pictures from my grandmothers
album, so I went over yesterday
afternoon and had a look. :-)
Here are a few:

"My dad, Larry when he was a baby
we look so alike its not even funny
& now my dad looks just like his
mother when she was older
so I know what I will look like.
My parents said, when I was little
my aunts would draw a moustache
above my lip because I looked
just like my dad and they would
all laugh."

"My great grandmother
Jennie May"

"My grandparents,
Lola May & Charlie"


  1. Love old family pics, very cool! I was just looking through some of ours earlier today :)

  2. Aren't old family pictures just wonderful... love to gaze at them and ponder about their everyday lives...what were their dreams and thoughts...


  3. that baby picture of your Dad is just too frickin' cute!