Tuesday, July 6

Seattle Sunshine

We finally have Summer!!!
It was in the 80's today
it might even be in the 90's on Thursday!

Apple in the sun

Apple in the sun 2


  1. I seriously need to kiss a Boston right now...sigh....
    the owner of our building where I work has a little Boston, she looks just like Apple, but she's older. Her name is Annabelle. That was our b&w bunny's name...anyway, she is ROTTEN...so spoiled, we all keep treats there for when we see her, lol!

  2. I am so in love w/ Apple its not even funny!
    She has the best personality. She makes me feel happy all the time, even if shes been bad. ie... tearing up mommys treasures when mommy abandons poor Apple and goes to the store.
    I seriously melt when I see her face. She is just like a child.

    I adore boston terriers!!! :-)

  3. aww...that is so sweet girlfriend. and just exactly how i feel when I see our pug boys...they melt my heart. My heart does have room for a Boston too though :)