Tuesday, July 6

Stinky Butters

Butters rolled in something stinky
so Amber bathed her in the kitchen sink
I love how small dogs can be bathed in the sink!
Isn't she too cute?


  1. Too cute!

    sorry for all the comments at one time...I follow your blog in bloglines but am not getting your feed for some reason, so I get behind on your posts (and you're posting more often, yippee). I'm going to see why your feed isn't showing up and fix it :)

  2. Don't be sorry! I love all the comments & as far as I know... the blog is public.

    My mom or friend Patti will say, "I read on your blog the other day...."
    But they never comment & then I think about all the blog entries I read on others blogs & I don't comment either. :-/

    Sooooooo I very much appreciate it. :-)

  3. Bloglines is not getting any of your feeds....I was thinking you'd made it private when that crazy person was stalking you...you sent me an invitation....Hmmm...
    Anyway, I'll check every day now, so no worries. I love it when you're blogging. You're the one that inspired me to blog cause I always loved following yours...wherever you were blogging :-)
    Comments are nice, but most people don't. I'm over caring about it, lol! It's nice, but no big deal!

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