Friday, July 30

Tiny House

Could you live in a tiny house?

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  1. hmmm....not sure if I could do that or not. we're used to small houses, but not that small!

  2. If I was single like that lady, I would LOVE it!!! But lets get real, I would need a shower & a complete stove. --- But w/ Ted and all the fur-babies + the macaw I need the room. I would love it though if my mom lived in something like this in our backyard. She has talked about building an a-frame in her backyard for her. She is waiting for these cute little cottages that are small to be built so she can sell her house and move. She just wants a big kitchen and bedroom, not much else.


  3. Yes, I'd love it if my mom would do that too...we have enough room in our back yard for a "MIL suite", the problem is, she would never do it. She's way too independent and has way too many animals.
    But you're right, it would be perfect if single and we didn't have all the critters :)