Sunday, July 18

Trailer - day 2

Ted has been out working on the trailer. Our neighbor who is a welder came and looked at the trailer and said, "hey its a good project for you" and analyzed the rust. Ted also went to the worst rust areas and upon further investigation there is still solid metal underneath and it wont fall apart on us going down the road. Either that or he is just easing my mind. All morning... I thought as much as I like it, its just to much. This was a HUGE mistake.

But then.... in the late afternoon Ted asked me to come see....

I was like... WOW.... look how clean it is. It looked much better after he threw out those nasty ass curtains and bed cushions and cleaned everything. (I wasn't going to do anything until after having an expert check out the rust damage.)

Was that a smile? Was I smiling?
Yes! I'm getting excited again!!!

I was having a little trouble getting in and out of it w/ the broken step, so Ted also said, "I made you a step." Really? And just like that... I had this cute little wood step so I didn't worry about my bad left knee. Whee! Now I need to paint it red and put white polka dots all over it. :-)

That early evening he said,
"the electricity is fixed!
What? "No way!"
"Way," he said.

He also installed a voyager acdelco battery (chopped off the old battery clamps and put on eyelit connectors) for the 2 lights that work on battery only if your out camping w/out electricity. There is also 2 other wires, but hes not sure what they operate yet. He guesses the water tank pump but who knows? Its gone. So we can't figure that out yet.

He then replaced all the electrical tape twisting wiring w/ 3M butt connectors and crossed his fingers and plugged it up to power and viola' we had juice! All the power outlets work perfect! So I'm thinking... well who needs nasty ol' propane anyway... I can plug in a toaster oven, coffee maker, mini microwave, etc... WOOHOO!!! This day is getting better & better! :-)

Yesterday the windows would not open! He had been oiling them all day and by the evening all opened! :-)

Ted was so thrilled w/ the progress from just one day, he called Greg up to thank him again for the trailer! :-) He said, he loves working on it. :-)

Oh sure... we've got water damage and wood needs to be replaced... but hey one step at a time and today was a good step. Way to go Ted!

Ohhhh I can't wait until its my turn.
Paint & decorating.

I have decided no aqua.
White & Red w/ cherries.
Lots & lots of cherries!
I am a "Mary Engelbreit"
girl after all. :-)


  1. If I lived anywhere near y'all at all, I would drive right over to your house and give Ted a big hug!! OMG!! I had a feeling it was going to be OK and now see it happening!! What a wonderful hubby to do so much work to make your dream come true!
    Someday it's going to be PERFECT and it will mean so much more because y'all worked so hard to get it there!
    Hugs and kisses to you both!

  2. Your so cute! :-) Thank you Andrea!!!

    Ted found one of the leaks today! Yeah!
    There is this weird metal tube pipe thing running up through the kitchen, by the sink. We aren't sure of its purpose but Ted was dinking around w/ the water damage in that cabinet next to it and he saw light aka the sky! So he sealed up around that metal tube.


  3. Hi Jackie,
    ..can't wait to see all what you guys are gonna do to it..what fun! I see a skylight in the bathroom?..neat!lol your uber detailed posts lately :)

  4. Summer... yes its one of those turn the handle and the little plastic vent opens up. There is another one in the middle of the trailer. The plastic one in the bathroom has a crack in it. :-( But Ted found the screen to the one in the middle of the trailer. Above the toilet is a shower. BUT... I don't think we will use it. We are not using propane & there are showers at campgrounds. I am just happy about the toilet, IF we can get a water holding tank! Ugh! There is also a crack in one of the walls in the toilet. The lack of water holding tanks is pretty major!